Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 2 MTC

Here in the MTC we have like, no free time whatsoever... I actually fell asleep in one of the devotionals :S but I'm not the only one, so we'll get through it. Acctually, Lindquist shimai and Peters choro have sleeping competions during study time, and I'm not sure who is winning haha. Yesterday Black "mukimuki:(Ripped, Buff)" sensei told us he wouldn't be here on saturday or monday to teach and we asked him why. He told us he was going on vacation to chicago and sounded really exited about it. We all started asking questions and he said he was going with 3 of his guy friends, and long story short, we found out he is going to a Magic: the Gathering competition haha he says he has spent over 4,000$ on magic cards and that he has only been playing about a year. We were teasing him all day about it, which prolly isn't a good idea cuz he could prolly fall over on me and kill me...
Hutchings choro lent me his SD card reader so I am uploading some pictures. Sadly the MTC computers suck so I can't label anyone or compress files to send more, but this should be fine
Sorry for sticking my main e-mail in such a random place, but this is the last e-mail I read...
Mom I am sending personal letters to all the kids so watch for that... also I don't remeber if I asked but a laundry bag would be wonderful :)
You all are awesome and you should write me more :) i never realized how awesome it feels to get mail here or i would have written tyson and haley more :S sorry about that Elder and Sister Brooksby...
Elder Brooksby

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