Monday, January 26, 2015

Rocky has 157 denim jackets.

One of them valued at around 4,000$. He likes his jackets.

Hey, whazzup people?

What do you guys think of naming your kid Nyx? The other elders found
a guy named Mix, but I misheard when I first head it and heard Nyx.
It'd be interesting, for sure!

Weekly Questions!

How is it going?
It's going awesomely!

What have I found is the Lords most effective way to teach you?
Well, honestly it's when I'm supposed to be focused on something that
I get the most random and unrelated bits of inspiration. For example,
on Sunday while our ward mission leader was giving a talk about
missionary work, I was busy writing the revelation I'd received about
gaining knowledge and not upsetting my future wife. Both good bits of
revelation, but not particularly related to what I was doing at the

When is my most favorite time of day?
Mmm.... I dunno, all of it? Recently I've been waking up at 2:00AM for
no reason, so I just lay there and think about life. I actually wake
up more rested than normal when that happens.

How do I think I learn the best?
I learn the best when I can just sit and listen, but also have freedom
to think outside of the conversation.

What would I like to study or just learn about?
Everything! I want to learn everything! As far as what's first, I
dunno yet. Whatever comes along first, I guess!

How is the new companion?  Where is he from?  Does he think I am a good guy?
He's pretty cool. He doesn't talk much, but I know where he's coming
from, ne? He's from places. Utah, mostly, I think, but his family also
lived on military bases in Alaska and Vegas. I dunno, prolly? It took
him over an hour to come up with a weakness for me in our last
companionship inventory, so either he doesn't pay much attention or I
don't bug him too much, but whatever works right?

There was a problem happening in the area and I finally helped solve
it! It's nice to not worry about it anymore.

Random Story Time!
We have been having problems with our dryer, because it was really
loud and made tons of humidity, enough that the walls were in danger
of growing mold, so Elder Taylor and I took some time to rearrange the
furniture. In the process we took the laundry room door off its hinges
and set it in front of the front door, and we "forgot" it was there,
so when the other elders got back for dinner they were quite
surprised! It was a good time.

We were sitting in a ramen shop eating ramen when "Tomorrow" from
Annie starts playing on the radio, only it was a Japanese pop version!
It was supa' weird! You guys should look it up!

Younger Elder Brooksby

Monday, January 19, 2015

No lost sheep? Well...

Elder Taylor and I ended up waiting on the wrong platforms during
transfers because the zone leaders never told either of us where to
meet and wouldn't answer their phone. Wahoo, we made it alive!

Heyo peoples!

Transfers have been mostly successful and Elder Wallace is now in the
depths of Kofu, the jungle area, and he has been replaced with Elder
Taylor, who is way chill. It seems that Kawasaki has a massive "chill
magnet" hidden somewhere in their church...

Weekly Questions!

How are things with me?
Things are supa' sweet!

How is the work going in Japan?
Faster than ever, and that's the honest truth!

Have my Facebook posts had a theme lately?

How do I decide what to post?
I look through my pictures, find a reference to match it, all the
while thinking of people who will prolly see it, then I post it!

Are there people that I have contacted in Japan using FB?
Mmm.... I am honestly one of the missionaries that uses it the least,
as far as contacting investigators or when finding. I'm not really
sure why... I guess I just prefer a phone number!

If I could summarize each area of my mission with one word for each,
what would they be?
Mmm... well, other than using their actual names as the one word,
Sagamihara would be "Foundational", Kunitachi is "Inspiring",
Kichijoji is "Bustling", Hodogaya is "Home", Kanagawa is "Friendly"
and Kawasaki is "Chill".

What is the Legacy I would want to leave the people in Japan?
Mah, I wouldn't mind if they all(minus short people, family and best
friends!) forgot about me, as long as they were happier because of
what I did.

Can I finish my mission without any regrets?
I stood every time I fell. There is no room left for regrets with all
that success.

How do I feel about the fact that time is getting short?
Life goes on. Seasons change. We may not wish for the cold of winter,
but it will come regardless, and if we spend our time wishing and
wanting, we will never be prepared for the first snow. We may long for
the rain of spring, the warmth of summer, the colors of autumn, but if
we do not live through the winter, we won't live much at all.

Do I need you to do anything for me?
Just keep on improving. That's all God asks, and that's all I ask.

What challenges did I face this week? How did I feel? How did I respond?
Well, I can't actually think of any! I dunno if that means I'm not
doing something right, or if it's just that I don't see trials as
trials anymore, but I can't think of anything difficult that I've had
to deal with this week.

Do I know how much everyone loves and prays for me?
I can feel it. I don't know exactly how many people are praying, but I
can feel every one!

Lots of questions! Gotta love the questions!

Random Story Time!
e had to watch as the ward council threw bishop under the bus! There
is a member who is taking some liberties with their calling, and
president has asked us to work on it with the ward council, but they
are all afraid of that member, so they called the bishop out to do it.
It's gonna be an interesting week!

Did you know that you can be whoever you want with anyone you choose?
You just have to give the correct information when talking about
For example, I can throw out that I used to play video games all the
time, I didn't hang out with friends a ton, I watched anime and I
listened to music like "Owl City".
Then again, I could say that I love metal and heavy rock, my favorite
bands including "Five Finger Death Punch" and "Disturbed", I had way
long hair and I wanted to dye it black and red, I wore fingerless
gloves and all black clothes and it was a hobby of mine to bug
teachers, ditch class and make people nervous.
And yet again, I worked on both sets for movies and plays, I've always
enjoyed acting, I took ballroom dancing classes, I love set design and
I want to run a company of professional storytellers.
And just as the last example, I have gone to church since the day I
was born, I planned to serve a mission from when I was young, I loved
to share the gospel to anyone, whether it be over video games, social
media, in person or otherwise, my favorite classes in school always
included seminary and I love to serve people, especially when I can do
it anonymously.

You can be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do. You know it and
believe it, and now it's time to live it!

Peaches of pie!
Younger Elder Brooksby

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There are two religions we're warned about...

And it just so happens that two investigators in our area are members
of both of them! But seriously though, there are some intense stories
about those guys.

Heyo, humans!

We had transfer calls this week! Whoo! Anyways...

Weekly Questions!

How is my companion doing?
He's doing well, I believe. He got a little sick from eating too much
today or something like that, but he'll prolly be fine!

Am I happy?
I am so happy! I am the most happiest of all the peopleseds!

Do I miss my mom?
I'll be seeing her soon enough, so why miss her? I do love her tons, though!

Do I like snow?
Mah, snow is cool. Good weather to chill in. It's not something I'm
cold to, although I have given it an icy reception in times past. It's
especially brilliant on a sunny day!

If I had wings, what would they look like?
They'd be crow wings. Pretty simple, but that's about it!

What's the best kind of sushi?
I really like egg sushi, but unagi(eel) is probably my #1 favorite.

What's a 'good' Japanese pun?
Hmmm.... Well, it is a pun, so it can't really be considered 'good',
obviously, but most of the ones I've made only make sense to people
who speak both Japanese and English. For example, if I see a pot of
boiling water I could say "Ah, atsui desu ne?" which means "It's hot,
isn't it?", but with the pronunciation it could also be "Ah, hot
sui(水) desu ne?", meaning "This is hot water, right?". It's kinda
boring and weird, but I don't remember any other ones.

Do they have interesting fruit here?
They have a watermelon called "musk melon" that's really popular here.
Fruit is actually fairly rare here 'cuz it's so expensive.

~~~~~~~~~~Transfer Updates!!!~~~~~~~~~~
Elder Wallace transfers to Kofu!
Elder Powell transfers to Kanagawa!
My new companion is Elder Taylor!
Elder Van Vleets companion is Japanese!

Random Story Time!
We had zone conference and there were a bunch of sisters giving their
"dying testimonies", or their last testimonies before they go home,
and right near the end I realized that we only ever do that at zone
conferences, which happen every other transfer, which means that next
time it'll be my group. Whoo.

We smashed rice with a hammer! It was fun. It became squished rice
cakes that are very yummy.

Younger Elder Brooksby

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Game of Life, Mormon Style!

We went to a member's house and played their homemade plan of
salvation game. There's only a 1/50 chance of going to either the
celestial kingdom or outer darkness, so nobody before had ever made it
into either, but somehow in the same game Elder Powell ended up in the
celestial kingdom and I ended up in outer darkness. It was an
interesting game, for sure!

Happy New Years, those of you who made it through!

I had a mini Christmas this week! I got three different packages of
varying sizes, but on different days, then I saved them all to have my
own Christmas. I must say, out of all the things I got, and I loved
and will use all of them, my favorite was simply contained in letters.
It's always awesome to have someone tell you they love you! I love you

Weekly Questions!

How are things going?
Things are going well, I believe. Right on plan with God's plan, right?

Any new news?
Mmm... I mentioned after district meeting this week that I may want to
move back to Japan at some point and Sister Matsuzaki immediately
turned to me and said "You're going to marry a Japanese girl. There's
nothing wrong with that!" and everybody laughed. Apparently it's
inevitable if you go back.

Is the spirit in your life? Leading and Directing you?
I sure hope so, otherwise I've been leading my companion in crazy
circles for no reason, and still somehow ending up where we wanted to
go, either physically, mentally, or spiritually.

We went to a members house and they had a little three year old boy
named Kaito-kun, but he couldn't pronounce his "K"s, so he would speak
in third-person and call himself "Taito-kun" and call us "Tentochi"
instead of "Senkyoushi" and I was having a hard time understanding
him. I guess kids do that in japan too, just not as often.

We had dinner with a general authority! Our Ward mission leader's
father is in the seventy and he was home for New Years when they
invited us over, so we got to teach him a message too. He was pretty

Random Story Time!
Another fun little kid at a members house! We were all sitting around
the table talking, when all of a sudden he stands up, points at Elder
Powell and yells "AH!! ONI!!!" Oni meaning "Demon". So we're all
confused, thinking he's calling Elder Powell a demon, when he moves
his finger towards the window and he says "It ran away.", then he
proceeds to show us how to cast out demons. Then, several times during
the dinner, we would start tapping under the table and he would try
and find the demon to cast it out, but when he looked under the table
somebody else would tap the top on another side and he would pop back
up looking for it. It was great fun!

So I don't know where I learned to do this, but this week while
returning from a members house I managed to pick-pocket Elder
Wallace's earmuffs from off his arm where he kept them without him or
any of the other four elders noticing, all within the space between
the front door of a convenience store and the restroom within. We were
all impressed, including myself. I must do some pretty intense
sleep-walking! No way to get that practiced otherwise! I also stole
his keys, but I did that with him watching and he said "What the heck,
I've never been able to get them off my belt-loop that smoothly, let
alone silently!"

Anyways, that would be the week! Ttyal!

Younger Elder Brooksby