Monday, January 26, 2015

Rocky has 157 denim jackets.

One of them valued at around 4,000$. He likes his jackets.

Hey, whazzup people?

What do you guys think of naming your kid Nyx? The other elders found
a guy named Mix, but I misheard when I first head it and heard Nyx.
It'd be interesting, for sure!

Weekly Questions!

How is it going?
It's going awesomely!

What have I found is the Lords most effective way to teach you?
Well, honestly it's when I'm supposed to be focused on something that
I get the most random and unrelated bits of inspiration. For example,
on Sunday while our ward mission leader was giving a talk about
missionary work, I was busy writing the revelation I'd received about
gaining knowledge and not upsetting my future wife. Both good bits of
revelation, but not particularly related to what I was doing at the

When is my most favorite time of day?
Mmm.... I dunno, all of it? Recently I've been waking up at 2:00AM for
no reason, so I just lay there and think about life. I actually wake
up more rested than normal when that happens.

How do I think I learn the best?
I learn the best when I can just sit and listen, but also have freedom
to think outside of the conversation.

What would I like to study or just learn about?
Everything! I want to learn everything! As far as what's first, I
dunno yet. Whatever comes along first, I guess!

How is the new companion?  Where is he from?  Does he think I am a good guy?
He's pretty cool. He doesn't talk much, but I know where he's coming
from, ne? He's from places. Utah, mostly, I think, but his family also
lived on military bases in Alaska and Vegas. I dunno, prolly? It took
him over an hour to come up with a weakness for me in our last
companionship inventory, so either he doesn't pay much attention or I
don't bug him too much, but whatever works right?

There was a problem happening in the area and I finally helped solve
it! It's nice to not worry about it anymore.

Random Story Time!
We have been having problems with our dryer, because it was really
loud and made tons of humidity, enough that the walls were in danger
of growing mold, so Elder Taylor and I took some time to rearrange the
furniture. In the process we took the laundry room door off its hinges
and set it in front of the front door, and we "forgot" it was there,
so when the other elders got back for dinner they were quite
surprised! It was a good time.

We were sitting in a ramen shop eating ramen when "Tomorrow" from
Annie starts playing on the radio, only it was a Japanese pop version!
It was supa' weird! You guys should look it up!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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