Monday, January 5, 2015

The Game of Life, Mormon Style!

We went to a member's house and played their homemade plan of
salvation game. There's only a 1/50 chance of going to either the
celestial kingdom or outer darkness, so nobody before had ever made it
into either, but somehow in the same game Elder Powell ended up in the
celestial kingdom and I ended up in outer darkness. It was an
interesting game, for sure!

Happy New Years, those of you who made it through!

I had a mini Christmas this week! I got three different packages of
varying sizes, but on different days, then I saved them all to have my
own Christmas. I must say, out of all the things I got, and I loved
and will use all of them, my favorite was simply contained in letters.
It's always awesome to have someone tell you they love you! I love you

Weekly Questions!

How are things going?
Things are going well, I believe. Right on plan with God's plan, right?

Any new news?
Mmm... I mentioned after district meeting this week that I may want to
move back to Japan at some point and Sister Matsuzaki immediately
turned to me and said "You're going to marry a Japanese girl. There's
nothing wrong with that!" and everybody laughed. Apparently it's
inevitable if you go back.

Is the spirit in your life? Leading and Directing you?
I sure hope so, otherwise I've been leading my companion in crazy
circles for no reason, and still somehow ending up where we wanted to
go, either physically, mentally, or spiritually.

We went to a members house and they had a little three year old boy
named Kaito-kun, but he couldn't pronounce his "K"s, so he would speak
in third-person and call himself "Taito-kun" and call us "Tentochi"
instead of "Senkyoushi" and I was having a hard time understanding
him. I guess kids do that in japan too, just not as often.

We had dinner with a general authority! Our Ward mission leader's
father is in the seventy and he was home for New Years when they
invited us over, so we got to teach him a message too. He was pretty

Random Story Time!
Another fun little kid at a members house! We were all sitting around
the table talking, when all of a sudden he stands up, points at Elder
Powell and yells "AH!! ONI!!!" Oni meaning "Demon". So we're all
confused, thinking he's calling Elder Powell a demon, when he moves
his finger towards the window and he says "It ran away.", then he
proceeds to show us how to cast out demons. Then, several times during
the dinner, we would start tapping under the table and he would try
and find the demon to cast it out, but when he looked under the table
somebody else would tap the top on another side and he would pop back
up looking for it. It was great fun!

So I don't know where I learned to do this, but this week while
returning from a members house I managed to pick-pocket Elder
Wallace's earmuffs from off his arm where he kept them without him or
any of the other four elders noticing, all within the space between
the front door of a convenience store and the restroom within. We were
all impressed, including myself. I must do some pretty intense
sleep-walking! No way to get that practiced otherwise! I also stole
his keys, but I did that with him watching and he said "What the heck,
I've never been able to get them off my belt-loop that smoothly, let
alone silently!"

Anyways, that would be the week! Ttyal!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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