Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There are two religions we're warned about...

And it just so happens that two investigators in our area are members
of both of them! But seriously though, there are some intense stories
about those guys.

Heyo, humans!

We had transfer calls this week! Whoo! Anyways...

Weekly Questions!

How is my companion doing?
He's doing well, I believe. He got a little sick from eating too much
today or something like that, but he'll prolly be fine!

Am I happy?
I am so happy! I am the most happiest of all the peopleseds!

Do I miss my mom?
I'll be seeing her soon enough, so why miss her? I do love her tons, though!

Do I like snow?
Mah, snow is cool. Good weather to chill in. It's not something I'm
cold to, although I have given it an icy reception in times past. It's
especially brilliant on a sunny day!

If I had wings, what would they look like?
They'd be crow wings. Pretty simple, but that's about it!

What's the best kind of sushi?
I really like egg sushi, but unagi(eel) is probably my #1 favorite.

What's a 'good' Japanese pun?
Hmmm.... Well, it is a pun, so it can't really be considered 'good',
obviously, but most of the ones I've made only make sense to people
who speak both Japanese and English. For example, if I see a pot of
boiling water I could say "Ah, atsui desu ne?" which means "It's hot,
isn't it?", but with the pronunciation it could also be "Ah, hot
sui(水) desu ne?", meaning "This is hot water, right?". It's kinda
boring and weird, but I don't remember any other ones.

Do they have interesting fruit here?
They have a watermelon called "musk melon" that's really popular here.
Fruit is actually fairly rare here 'cuz it's so expensive.

~~~~~~~~~~Transfer Updates!!!~~~~~~~~~~
Elder Wallace transfers to Kofu!
Elder Powell transfers to Kanagawa!
My new companion is Elder Taylor!
Elder Van Vleets companion is Japanese!

Random Story Time!
We had zone conference and there were a bunch of sisters giving their
"dying testimonies", or their last testimonies before they go home,
and right near the end I realized that we only ever do that at zone
conferences, which happen every other transfer, which means that next
time it'll be my group. Whoo.

We smashed rice with a hammer! It was fun. It became squished rice
cakes that are very yummy.

Younger Elder Brooksby

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