Monday, February 2, 2015

273 Meters in 40 Seconds.

Japan's fastest elevator is in Landmark Tower and it moves at the rate of 750 meters per minute. I don't know what that is in mph. It's very pretty up there, an excellent place to propose to someone or something of the sort!


We taught Yusuke again this week and I can see that he's actually changed quite a bit. He used to only be interested in learning about religion, but now I think he's honestly searching for truth, and it's way cool to see!

Weekly Questions!

How is the weather?
It's pretty cold recently, but we're surviving! Too bad hot chocolate is supa' expensive in Japan, ne?

How are you feeling?
I'm feeling alright. I think I'm getting a bit sick, (Shhh... Don't tell my companion!) but other than that I'm doing sweet!

Excited to get home this year?
Mah, life is life. It goes. Something I told Elder Taylor this week, "I want to be where I am, unless I'm going somewhere else." Or one from Elder Maurer, "I get tired at 10:30".

What are your plans for home life?
My plan is to have no plans, just to go with the flow. I have some form of bucket list somewhere amidst all of my notebooks and things, but that'll come out when I get back.

Any cool spiritual ideas to talk about?
Umm... The spirit is cool? I'd have to think about that one...

Do you remember what it's like to have a mother?
What do you mean, "Do I remember"? I still have one, don't I? Maybe I haven't had the chance recently to clean her bathroom and rock out to "Supermassive Black-Hole" with her, but she's still my mom, ne?

What is your favorite amusement park ride?
Mmm... I dunno, actually! I guess it would depend on the park and who I was with. Like, if I'm with a short and very attractive girl I prolly wouldn't be going to the Buzz Lightyear shooting game in Disneyland, would I? And likewise, I wouldn't plan to take a 3 year old kid on Screamin' either, right?

Who is a spiritual giant you admire?
I admire Jesus.

Which General Authority speaks to you?  From which one do you always hear talks that I enjoy?
I really enjoy quite a few of them, actually. It depends on what message I need to hear at the time, I think.

When was the last time you felt the Spirit?
Just now as I was thinking about someone we saw on the street, when I took a second to remember who they really are.

What is a challenge you have overcome?
I overcame pride. I feel like that's a bit ironic to say, but I have destroyed every little bit of pride in my achievements and have replaced it with pride in my God. I don't think pride was ever a big problem for me, but throughout my mission I've had the chance to improve it, and I've seen how much awesomeness comes from every effort to improve.

If you were a candy, which one would you be?
I would say Twizzlers, but I don't think so... Maybe Gushers, 'cuz they look pretty straightforward, though varying in color at the same time, and when you least expect it, BANG! a whole burst of flavor you hadn't ever thought could be contained in such simplicity.

Kinda a fun thought of mine recently:
Apathy is the epitome of destruction, not because it rearranges or disorganizes things that have been created, but because it nullifies them, makes them lose meaning, causes that which is affected lose the desire to be active, be good, or to become anything at all. The opposite to apathy is imagination. Imagination is the epitome of creation, one that motivates to see, learn, hear and do more. Imagination increases desires, inspires, and looks higher, beyond what you know to what you can know, beyond what you do to what you can do, beyond what you are to what you can become.

Random Story Time!
On Sunday we went like normal to our morning correlation meeting, talked about some shtufts, partied hardcore, then randomly at the end our ward mission leader walks up to us and asks us if we could teach the Gospel Principles class 'cuz they didn't quite plan as well as they intended to. I mean, what's the problem with teaching a class of 9 people for an hour with only 45 minutes to prepare, right? So during priesthood we prepare an awesome lesson on the lesson of the day, "Family Responsibilities", when, as we get up to teach, one of the sisters calls out "Excuse me, but would you mind changing your lesson to prayer? One of the sisters is praying in sacrament meeting for the first time today, and I'm sure she would really appreciate it!"
And so we taught a lesson hour lesson on prayer with literally no preparation. It was actually pretty good! I would love prep time next time, but times like that make you more aware of your abilities.

We had FHE at President Wada's house, splits with our district and zone leaders and a dinner with a couple from New Zealand. It was an entertaining week!

That's about it! Loves!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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