Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If you don't stop being a missionary when you die...

"Why not be a good one?" A cool quote from Elder Ballard, who visited
Tokyo and spoke at a combined North and South mission conference this

Hello, how are you?

I'm fine, thank you! And you? Fun week, and more ahead!

Weekly Questions!

Would I like to work retail? Like at a mall like my little sister?
That would be pretty chill. I really just wanna get started working as
soon as possible.

What kind of shape are my suitcases in? Do they roll without problems?
I only have one of my original three left, and that's the one that
exploded, but luckily I was able to repair it rather well, so it's
still in good condition. The one other bag I have came from a Samoan
missionary in the MTC, and it's more like a duffel bag with wheels,
and not very stable ones at that! But I can still stick everything I
own in those two bags, so it works out fine.

Do I have a lot of stuff to pack and bring home? Are my cases going to
be really full?
Mmm... That's actually a good question.... If I were to get rid of all
of the stuff I don't need and pack well, I could potentially have
quite a bit of room. As my stuff is now, my bags would be pretty
packed if I were to load them up.

Is there something I want to buy and bring back home? If so how, big is it?
Mmm, not that I can think of, actually! I'd love to bring some friends
home, but that's prolly illegal and I'm not sure they would appreciate
the plane ride inside my bag...

What are you not asking that I want to tell you?
I love you! I dunno what you would ask to get that answer, though...

Any last wishes?
Be good to each other, and PARTY ON, DUDES!

We had another lesson with Yusuke this week and finally helped him to
pray out loud! Yey! Now to help him receive baptism!

~~~~~~~~~~Transfer Update!~~~~~~~~~~
1. Sister Feist goes home and Sister Eyring is training a new missionary!
2. Elder Ikeda transfers to Sagamihara!
3. Elder Van Vleet stays and his new companion is Elder Masaki
4. Elder Maurer transfers to Kanagawa to be zone leader
5. Elder Cook stays and his new companion is Elder Someone
6. Elder Taylor transfers to Yamate to be companions with Elder Strain
7. Younger Elder Brooksby stays and becomes companions with Elder Gonzales
8. Kawasaki A & C switch apartments, so my companionship will be a
two-man apartment and it will be Elder Cook and Elder Van Vleet's
companionships together in the other apartment

We were originally going to stay in the same apartments, but then
President had one of his "Transfer Call #2" moments this morning and
switched our apartments, which upset Elder Van Vleet quite a bit. I'll
take that as a compliment, haha

Random Story Time!
We visited a member's house to eat and share a message, and it was
pretty fun! They made a ton of good food and shtufts, and they even
served fruit punch! Fortunately I saw that it had pineapples in it,
and since I am allergic to pineapples it generally better that I don't
eat it, ne? But unfortunately I just thought "Oh hey, it's prolly
alright if I just dodge the pineapple and drink the other shtufts,
right?", which normally works, but when I took a sip or two I noticed
that old familiar tingling in the back of my mouth. I turned to the
sister next to me and asked "What kind of liquid is in this, besides
Calpis(They had mentioned that one)?", and she turned back to me and
said "Oh, just some kinda fruit juice, I think. Something like mango
and pineapple?" And thus I was sick for the rest of the day. Wahoo!
Those of you with allergies, check ALL of the ingredients, not just
the visible ones!

We had a fun music activity that was fun. Yey.

That's about it!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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