Monday, February 16, 2015

Melted Cookies!

I didn't make them, but I didn't help either! We tried to make cookies
and they died. We made no-bake cookies later and they were awesome, so
we determined that it was the Japanese oven's fault.

Heyo heyo heyo!

Times are rollin' beast! Gotta love life, ne?

Weekly Questions!

How's it going this week? How is life in the mission?
It's going awesome! I haven't died yet, ne? Just something to add to
the awesomeness! We have been working on some problems this transfer
and they are taking more out of me than I would like, but day by day,
step by step we're getting closer to where we need to be!

What hobbies have I picked up on my mission?
I play Sudoku when we're just chilling at the apartment during meals
or after nightly planning, or sometimes I organize something, but
those are both things I kinda did before my mission as well... just
not as frequently, I guess!

What way does the Spirit talk to me the most since I have been out?
Through logic. One of the biggest parts of my testimony of the Book of
Mormon comes purely from the fact that I've never come across flawed
or contradicting information in it in all of the times I've read it.

Which are my favorite rides, Rollercoasters or spinning rides?
I prefer roller coasters, I think. You can ride a roller coaster and
still walk, most of the time anyways, and therefore can ride other
rides and shtufts without all the recovery time.

What is my favorite american food?
Mmm... I would love to eat an American hamburger right now, actually!
Like a big, juicy, grill-cooked hamburger... that would be heaven
right now!

Has my handwriting improved since serving a mission?
Yupp! I didn't want to lose the advantages of messy handwriting, like
when nobody but yourself can read your notes, so I learned to write in
good handwriting, casual-but-readable handwriting, and the messy one
that closely resembles grafitti.

What advice would I give to someone who is planning on going on a
mission in 6 months?
Do it bro. Don't drink the orange juice.

What is the first movie I want to see after my mission is done?
Whatever's on, I guess? I'm sure I'll get around to all the movies and
shtufts I've missed eventually, so I won't worry about it.

My companion pointed out to me this week that I'll be in Japan with my
family for General Conference! I'll get to see all my friends again!
At least, I'll see some I'm not planning on hanging out with, ne? BTW,
if anybody in Japan that wants to hang with us somehow gets this
message, send my mom a message on FB and plan it out, 'cuz I have no
idea what's going down haha. Speaking of, I found out that my MTC
companion, Elder Peters, is also hanging around Japan for like, a week
or so, and he never told me! Dangit, bro! Ima have to track him down
as well, ne?

Random Story Time!
Normally when missionaries go in and do our every-other-transfer
interviews with president, they get supa' nervous because some intense
shtufts goes down sometimes. This last week we had interviews and I
came out and told the other elders "I feel like my interviews with
president get shorter and shorter every time, and every time all we do
is just reminisce about old times.". It's quite true, and it's always
a good time! Elder Van Vleet said he wished his interviews were like
that. I guess that's the advantage of growing old with your mission
president, ne?

This p-day we walked about 10 kilometers to get to the extreme edge of
our area, also the edge of Japan next to the ocean! Elder Taylor has
wanted to walk out to the industrial section of our area for a while,
and it was pretty intense, actually. They had really big factories and
trucks and pipes and towers shooting bursts of flame into the sky. We
took a picture of two, then hopped on a bus and rode back. It too
longer that we hoped it would, hence me typing this after planning and
all of you receiving it the day after p-day, but it was fun

Love you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby


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