Sunday, September 28, 2014

"He's about one baby from going home."

"Since when did that become a measurement?" "I dunno, but I'm about
two babies away, if they were both born slightly premature."
Missionaries have weird ways of measuring time...

Heyo, peoples!

Weekly Questions!

How am I? Am I alive?
Yupp yupp, doing good! Thanks for being so lovingly concerned about
me! I'm sure that, were I dead, I would happily inform you of it! Boo.

Do I speak Pig-Latin?
I used to be able to, but I haven't spoken it recently. I still have
the understanding down but my speaking could use some practice.

How is my mission going?
It's going? I feel like I'll get to be here forever. Mah, things are
good, and better yet, people are doing good, including myself!
Progression all around, which is a success in my book! Oh wait, I
actually do have. A book, huh? Haha anyways, yeah, it's good.

How do I like being a trainer?
I've wanted to be a trainer my entire mission and finally get to do it
for real, and it's supa' sweet! Elder Brown is gonna be AP for sure
and we're seeing a ton of miracles. It's like I've been given a mostly
blank white canvas and was told "Make something sick out of this!",
and let me tell you, it's gonna be sick! I'm exited to do it again
next transfer, or at least that's my hope.

Where do I want to cruise to when we do the "Family all together Cruise" again?
Japan! Or dizzyland! Does it really matter? Europe is pretty cool,
too. What about Hawaii? Or Alaska? Anywhere is good, just wanna make
some supa' sweet memories!

What is my favorite thing to do on a cruise?
Eat ice cream 'till three in the morning, obviously. What else is there?

Do I like to travel?
Mmm... Hard question... Travel is like a break from life, right? I
enjoy life and the chance to progress within life, and that is
important, but travel is nice for getting a break from it, so then you
can refocus and prepare to do beast at life again, plus you get some
cool memories and meet some sweet people, which is always helpful. But
as far as a "yes-or-no" answer, I would have to say no right now,
because I've been taking a two year break from life and will be glad
to get started on that track of progression again.

Do I have a favorite flavor of ice-cream?
Play-doh or superman is the supa' bestest! All of my companions had
either never had it or thought it was gross, but hey, I guess I'm just
a peculiar person, ne?

What's your favorite kind of pie?
Lemon meringue pie, prolly. Mainly just because it's hard to spell and
it's not generic. I like peach cobbler too, but I dunno if that's

What cloud is your favorite?
Rain clouds! Blessing clouds are cool, too. Gloom clouds are fun and
iClouds are overrated. The word "cloud" is supa' weird, too. It's like
a loud clod, like, a clod of dirt, but instead it's clods of water
falling from the sky, with deafening thunder. I guess it does make a
little sense...

What has been your most memorable experience this week?
Well clearly not much, seeing as I am pulling my planner out to figure
out what we did this week... Hmm...

Sorry for those amazing persons that have to request my blog to be
updated, but I don't currently have control of that! If you want
updates from the humble-yet-amazing Younger Elder Brooksby, you will
either have to write me directly and ask me to ask my mom to update
it, or you could just ask her yourself. I must say, though, I do enjoy
option one a lot more! I enjoy any form of communication, even if it's
just a postcard you write in a deliberately confusing way just so that
I understand it but my companion doesn't. That's cool, too. Now it's a
challenge! Let's see how many confusing postcards Younger Elder
Brooksby can get before he transfers!

Way cool kanji shtufts here, but you all know Yoshi, right? The turtle
egg thingy? Well, the character "吉" is read in names as "Yoshi", and
it's made by using the characters "士" meaning "samurai", and "口"
meaning "mouth". From that, we learn that Yoshi means "Samurai Mouth",
which I found pretty cool.

Random Story Time!
Everything went smoothly this week! No hitches or bumps on the
journey! Therefore, no particularly interesting stories, sadly.

Mr. Yazawa, one of our potential investigators, is way close to
becoming an actual investigator! It's supa' sweet! He's 83 years old
and has cancer! He's gonna get baptized!

Peace to the world, goodwill toward doggies!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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