Monday, September 15, 2014

My map is bigger than yours!

My apartment is better than yours! I would be surprised if anyone
knows what song that is revised, but Elder Brown and I have been
making an awesome map this past week! It's gonna be supa' sweet! It's
also bigger than the other elder's map!

Hello, everyone! I fed my trainee Nato! He hated it! Gotta love the
trainer life, ne?

Did you know that when you leave a carrot in the fridge too long, they
melt? I do now!

Weekly Questions!

Why is the most stressful day Sunday?
I dunno, maybe on Sunday you realize how far you are from perfect? I
find Sundays out here are easiest when I leave the schedule up to God
and know that he knows how to drive. It just doesn't work out here if
you try and keep your Sunday schedule intact as you planned it, and
trying too hard and stressing yourself out about it doesn't ever end
with what you wanted to happen actually happening, so what's the point
in doing so

What makes me laugh?
Funny things? I actually laugh at random times now, sometimes when it
makes no sense whatsoever to laugh. It doesn't take much effort, now.
One of those weird changes of the mission, ne?

Do we have an oven?
We have a microwave oven, bit other than that, nope! Would most
missionaries even have the skill and time to use an oven, I wonder?

What do I want or need for Christmas?
That is an excellent question! I honestly can think of almost nothing
that I would want that I don't already have. I would love some
fingerless gloves, but those would be more useful before Christmas,
ne? I like Twizzlers, but that would be a want, not a need. I really
have everything I need, so how could I really ask for more?

Did anyone notice that I seem to be ending most of my sentences in
question marks? Wonder why that is? Would you believe me if I said
that I am also wondering?

Random Story Time!
While it was still Elder Parks, Elder Thurman and I, we taught a
lesson to a guy who had only been a potential investigator until that
time. As Elder Thurman was explaining to us who he was, he explained
that this guy loved psychology, and therefore a regular missionaries
worst enemy, but quite frequently my best friends! Anyways, I learned
a couple of new attack tactics that I call the "Principal Packet" and
the "DNA Support System". The principal packet is to teach several
principals, but when they seem like they wish to argue the truth or
accuracy of one or more individual principals, you make all of the
things you have taught into a "Principal Packet" by saying something
along the lines of "So how do you think you can know if all that we've
taught you is true?" or "Would you want to know if what we have taught
you is true?", so that way they are all tied into a kind of
"true-or-not" bundle, which they can then test to discover the truth
of the whole of it.
The DNA Support System is actually something the guy we were teaching
came up with. We were explaining that the bible and the Book of Mormon
support each other and provide backup for when one doesn't have the
details or the same information as the other one does, and then after
about fifteen minutes he suddenly got it!  He walked up to the board
and drew two simple DNA strands side by side, then he explained that
each strand of DNA is the blueprint to the creature or plant of which
it is a part of, and each strand is basically the same information as
the other, but when one strand is damaged or parts of it are
destroyed, or simply when one is missing the complete information, the
other strand will correct and supply that same missing, damaged or
incorrect information. Then we all thought that was way cool and quite
literally applauded his understanding. That was a cool lesson.

I saw a member from my first ward at a Mexican restaurant in Yokohama
today. Brother Blackhurst really gets around! He also paid for us
while we were eating, so when we went to go pay and they told us that
he had already done so, we were grateful, to say the least.

Have an awesome day! Loves!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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