Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I bought my companion a 200$, 100% wool European suit.

But I bought it for 10$ at a tiny store next to our apartment. We
found a  50% discount rack outside the store and we were like "Hey,
cheap stuff!", then Elder Parks pulled one out and tried it on and we
were like "Hey, way expensive/nice-looking cheap stuff!" and then we
saw the price tag was 20$ and we were like "Hey, way
expensive/nice-looking free stuff!", then Elder Parks was examining it
afterwards 'cuz he is really into suits (pun not intended.) and he was
like "Hey, way nice-looking, 100% wool, 200$ European suit for free!".
It was a nice find and it is actually is almost perfect condition.

Heyo, peoples!

Weekly Questions!

Would I rather live on the beach, or in a house by a lake?
By a lake if it's in a forest. That was a dream location of mine when
I was a kid, but then I grew up and realized I enjoy a desert so much
more haha

Would I rather live in city or country?
City for sure! I did get similar questions last week, but sadly my
previous zone leader had some mail from over a month ago that he
forgot to give me, so I'm answering those questions too.

Would I rather have a cat or a dog?
Well, I like puppies better than dogs, and I like cats better than
kittens, but at the same time one of my bucket list items is to
randomly get a puppy when I have time, a car, and a "Free Puppies!"
sign, so I'll prolly do that first, than maybe one day I'll do the
same with a cat.

Would I rather marry a girl who can cook or who can organize well?
That is an excellent question! I asked my companion which he would
prefer, and he's all about the cooking, but I think I would much
rather have an organized wife. To me that shows a bit more of a mental
focus and I would imagine she would also tend to be more mentally
organized, plus I think I would be way fun to go to a cooking class
with my wife for a date or something!

Do they have grills in Japan like they do in Korea(Aka. Korean Barbeque)?
Yeah, I dunno if it's exactly the same, but we do have it here. It's
one of my favorites, but it is also quite expensive, so it's not a
food frequently eaten by missionaries.

What's my favorite dinosaur?
Hmmm... I would say something all rare or something fancy, but I would
prolly say just a plain Allosaurus. A massively large raptor,
basically fast enough yet big enough to not have a problem with most
things, but they still had to be skilled and smart as well, in order
to survive.

Is my favorite food, American, Mexican or Japanese?
We are actually sitting in line to go eat at a place called La Salsa,
but yeah, generally, if I'm in America I prefer Japanese food, but
having been in Japan for so long, there are some American foods I
would love to eat, and Mexican food is good whenever!

Where is my favorite place to be?
At home, wherever that is. Sometimes I have many homes, sometimes only
one or two, but wherever I can call home and be accepted as an
imperfect being with desires to improve, that is the place I want to

What am I thinking of as possible future careers?
Well, there are a ton of things that I really like and feel like I
could be good at, but a few things I've thought of are a pilot,
foreclosure tracker, architect, fashion designer(weird, I know, don't
judge haha), director of either plays or movies, set designer, drummer
in a band, artist, working for Nexon as a GM, etc. etc. the list is
pretty long. I figure I'll just get home and look at the list of
colleges, pick one, look at the list of classes, choose some and learn

So you may have heard a bit from me or my stories about how I am very
small. Sister Wada notices it too, so she would always ask me if I was
eating and would ask me how much I weigh, and unfortunately I have
lost two or three pounds recently, so when we had interviews with
president this past Tuesday I had to report that I had lost weight,
and now I have been told, word-for-word from Sister Wada "Elder
Brooksby, I give you permission to eat eight meals a day!", or
basically have been ordered to do so. It was kinda funny 'cuz when I
mentioned it to the sisters in our area afterwards Sister Brown asked
"Wait, are you anorexic?" and I thought that was way funny and kinda
laughed, but then I told her "Hey, I eat just as much as everyone
else, I am just too awesome to be able to run off of the nutrients
that are regularly required for a human being!". That reply prolly
wasn't word for word, but you get the idea, ne? Now we don't run off
of the regular meal schedule for food, we run off what we call the
"PHT", or the Parks Hunger Timer; when Elder Parks is hungry, we eat.

Random Story Time!
One night all six elders for some reason randomly ended up at the
church at the same time, which was kinda weird, but anyways, I noticed
I had an email from Salt Lake City about our missionary funds, so I
thought "Yay! I can see exactly how dangerous this next couple of
weeks is going to be!" and I opened it. Several minutes later, Elder
Parberry was on the phone with Elder Etchu, the elder in the mission
home in charge of money relating to missionaries. In very broken
Japanese(so broken it is painful to hear, but hey, he's trying), this
is what we heard as he explained the problem: "Elder Etchu, we have a
really big problem... We have lots of money." "Yeah, we have lots of
money and we wanted to know where it came from." "I don't know! Elder
Brooksby told me to call you!" "Alright, then, I will call Elder
Yamashita... Thanks, Elder Etchu."
Then he called Elder Yamashita, the senior elder in the mission home
in charge of money relating to Salt Lake and the missionaries, and
told him in English(thank goodness) the problem, which was simply that
for some reason the four of us that had opened new apartments had
gotten as much as we do each month in our accounts several weeks
early, which was way cool, but my last companion had had something
similar happen to him and it had ended up being the next months money,
just sent early for some reason, so we wanted to see what was up. Long
story short, we have been told not to touch it for now while Elder
Yamashita investigates, but it was still quite an entertaining event.

Well, I think that's about it... Sorry this email is a bit late! We
ended up taking longer than I thought we would and ended up having to
run home, which was annoying, but ah well, missionary life, ne?

Loves to you alls!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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