Monday, November 17, 2014

My companion paid 12$ in coins.

In America, people would get upset. In Japan, they count it and give
you your change.

Hello, all of da peoples!

Mostly questions this week!

Weekly Questions!

What do I dream about happening in my life?
I don't dream haha. I plan on doing everything eventually, the big
question is when and what first?

Where do I get the most joy from?
Family. My companion and I were talking about the happiest moments in
our lives, and he was categorizing them according to life events, but
I just thought of one or two specific moments, very family-focused

Did I get the postcards?
Yupp yupp! They were awesome! The square one was way intense! All the
elders in my apartment got really confused when I started spinning a
postcard in circles like I was reading it like that.

Does it happen to me that I am like, 20x more expressive in letters?
Mah, it used to. I talk more now, so I don't really know...

Did we get lots of good food this week?
Yeah, we already had a good amount of necessary shtufts, so this week
was actually way cheap! It's awesome!

What is it like to shop in Japan?
Like shopping in America, but with more fish and less sugar.

Have I seen or been to the Costco here?
Yeah,  that's where we got the four pounds of meat I mentioned two
weeks ago. The pizza is the same! It's crazy!

When I think of a new Book of Brooksby topic, how do I decide?
That's a good question! I have no idea! Sometimes an idea pops into my
head, sometimes I have to think about it, sometimes I look through PMG
or notes I've had before and sometimes someone asks for a specific
topic. Feel free to request a chapter sometime!

Am I thinking of happy thoughts?
Nah, gloomy is the way to go! I never think happy thoughts! That would be silly!

Do I like to talk on the phone?
I like text-based or face-to-face conversation better, generally, but
it doesn't bug me to talk on the phone. If there was no way to do
face-to-face, even with Skype, I would totally call someone and talk.

What calling in the Church would be my favorite? What do I think I
would like to do?
Anything I get called to, God knows it would be my favorite! I want to
help someone, somehow.

What is a hobby that I would like to do when I get home?
Mmm... I might start YouTubing shtufts, but I also wanna write some
books, learn to play the drums, random shtufts like that.

When am I the happiest?
When I am where I am, 100%

We went to landmark tower today! My trainee was all like "I'm
definitely gonna come here every transfer! This is awesome!" And we
had a good time.

Random Story Time!
We cleaned a river! And one of the sisters fell in! Just kidding! It
was fun, but not anything too exciting happened. The End!

Give a dog a treat for me!

Loves to everybody!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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