Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Captain Chiba came to church!

That one guy I mentioned in an earlier email made it to church last
week and he is totally investigating now! It was good to hear.

Hello, everyone!

Whazzup and hanging? My companion wanted to buy a wooden 6 foot tall
giraffe model. I told him it would prolly work through transfers if
the legs and head detached.

Weekly Questions!

Time is getting short. Any thoughts on that?
My time is sufficient for the work God has for me. That is all I am
concerned about.

What is my favorite Birthday memory?
Mmm... Normally I can think of one, but, while a couple come to mind,
I don't think there's a favorite...

Can I teach my family Happy Birthday in Japanese to add to the list of
languages we sing the happy birthday song in?
I can when I get home! I wouldn't send it in an email 'cuz 1) the
pronunciation would get all screwed up, 2) Japanese people actually
sing the happy birthday song in English, so I have to write it and 3)
I'm not too good at spelling Japanese words sometimes, and I'm too
lazy to look up the proper ones at this moment.

What is a quality I have found in myself or others that I admire?
You can't admire yourself! That just doesn't work! But I love short
people, I think it's pretty cool if someone is bi/trilingual, but the
number one attribute that I look for in others or work for myself is
an understanding heart.

Which Super Hero is my favorite?
Wolverine, for sure! He is way chill yet can beat the crap out of
basically anything, but he can still lose, but he can't die, so even
when he loses he gets a second chance. He also just goes and doesn't
pay the slightest attention to peer pressure, beyond considering if it
is actually helpful information.

If I could instantly play any instrument, which one would I choose?
Mmm... I really wanna play the drums, but I also wanna go back to
writing music, so I wanna re-learn guitar so I could write for that. I
would prolly choose drums and just work on guitar.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
If this is the ice cream question, vanilla. If not, strawberries are way good!

Elder Sawyer called about a referral they are sending our way and I
was all like "Woah, Elder Sawyer, it's been like, a year since that
first day in Kunitachi!" and he was all like "Woah, it has been, huh?
Time flies!" They grow up so quickly! Fifth transfer with my first
trainee... It was actually a couple of days short of a year exactly.

Random Story Time!
We went to a fun music activity and Elder Wallace played the piano and
it was pretty cool, then after we had some English class students come
up to us and say "Do you wanna go to the barbers together?" And Elder
Wallace and I were way confused, but after they said it a couple more
times we realized hey were saying "Do you wanna go get burgers
together?" And it was way funny. Then we went and got burgers and they
pulled out a pack of face cards while we were waiting for our food and
said "What do you wanna play?" And, because missionaries probably
shouldn't be playing poker, we played a game or two of go fish. It was
interesting and the burgers were way good.

I met an American member at the temple today and when I told her how
long I had been a missionary she she said "You're going to BYU, right?
My cousin goes there, oh wait, sorry. She's married, but she has lots
of friends!" And I thought it's funny how apparent it is that that is
the expected next step for missionaries.

That's about it! Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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