Monday, November 3, 2014

Carry four pounds of meat.

People notice. We went to Costco today and got a big thing of meat,
and it was all people would notice as we walked down the street. Got
some interesting looks.

Heyo, people!

We had a Halloween party and it was fun! We basically played
rock-paper-scissors for an hour.

Weekly Questions!

What is new in my life?
So much. There is so much new in my un-varying missionary life!
Really, though, everything is always new, so it doesn't seem too much
different, most of the time.

How is the new area?
It's fun. We haven't had as much time as we would've liked to explore
and talk to people, but we know it pretty well.

How is the new missionary training going? How is the faith training?
It's going good! We're having a party and getting work done! Elder
Wallace seems to be catching on to the work pretty easy, so I dunno if
that means I'm doing my job or if he just picks it up naturally, but
it's nice either way!

How is my language doing?
I haven't been doing much in language study other than marking my
grammar book in a way that makes newbies understand it easier, but I
don't really have a problem otherwise!

Are my suits holding up?
They don't. I get to practice my sewing skills a lot, but they always
look fairly decent 'cuz I've gotten pretty good at

Are we getting any cooler weather yet?
Yeah, we're required to wear long-sleeves from now on.

How far is the mission office from the Temple?
30 minutes? I don't remember exactly, but not too far.

Do I still need a map for the subway or bus?
Nope! Got it figured out! Having a phone with the train schedules
helps, but it's not necessary.

I saved my companion from a massive spider 'cuz he didn't see it and I
caught him by the arm and pulled him out of the way. He was way
nervous for the next few minutes.

Random Story Time!
We went to a big conference where Elder Ringwood of the Seventy came
and spoke to us and it was pretty cool. At the end we had a Q&A
session and I asked a question that I had had when I was a young
missionary, but by now I had solved the problem but I didn't know what
the solution was, I just knew it wasn't a problem anymore. He answered
my question pretty well and I got some cool insights from it, but
afterwards as he went to leave, instead of going towards the left of
the room and out the door, he turned right and walked over to the row
I was in and motioned me over. I went up and he said "Elder Brooksby,
I dot think I answered your question in the way I should have." And

then he answered the other part of my question with a way cool bit of
advice. It was memorable, to say the least!

Our bishop is the new stake president! I wonder who our new bishop will be?

Younger Elder Brooksby

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