Monday, October 27, 2014

Are you here to crusade?

"No, random guy, we teach about Jesus. Christians don't do that
anymore!" He is now our potential investigator and we have an
appointment for Thursday morning.

Heyo, peeps!

Life is going good! Lots of fun times and no damaged suitcases in
transfers! Yay!

Weekly Questions!

Have I hurt myself while on my mission?
Nope! Plenty of my companions have, but I've never had worse than a
bad cold. That doesn't mean it can't or won't happen, obviously, ne?

How am I coming along with the new greeny?
It's pretty good! His name is Elder Wallace and he is 18 years old
from California, although his birthday is on Christmas, so not too
long. He is a bit nervous to talk to people, but hey, that's always a
possibility, ne? Somehow everyone we have managed to have decent
conversations with in this area all speak English fairly well, which
makes him a bit happier haha

How is my new area?
It's pretty cool. We've just kinda been wandering in circles and
talking to people. Eventually we'll know enough about the area to pick
a couple of routes and use those, but for now it's just exploration!
The best kind!

How do I think I have grown the most?
Mmm... Probably my WSPM(words-spoken-per-minute) has increased
dramatically since I left. That's pretty weird, and we'll have to see
where it is after, but that's one of the biggest outward changes.

We had a game night on Saturday and played an hour long game of Jenga,
then a 45 minute game of Uno. It was actually pretty fun, but
unfortunately there was only one person who showed up.

Random Story Time!
I had an experience this week that made me aware of a very important
fact; don't accept a friend request from someone you don't know on
Facebook! As missionaries we're not allowed to, but we can send them a
message to figure out who they are and if they might meet missionaries
or if they are interested at all, and it's happened three different
times to me when that happened. One of them we have been working with
is a girl who lives in the Philippines, and she is very interested and
open to hearing lessons. Another just dropped off after I said I was a
missionary. The one this last week was openly dangerous and a
conversation I ended rather abruptly. I would love to provide an
opportunity for everyone to hear the gospel, but watch who you talk

Elder Wallace and I walked around a ton and saw a lot of cool shops
today! It was way fun!

May your hammer be mighty!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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