Monday, October 13, 2014

The thing that got me was the kids in Africa.

The deciding factor in one of the debates Elder Brown and I have. I'm
sure you can guess who won the debate, ne?

Hello, people of the earth!

I've been sick for the past week! I'm almost better! Yey!

Weekly Questions!

What do I think about in my daydream moments...if I have them?
Mah, I've figured out whenever I think of shtufts like that I get a
really weird feeling, so I don't do it too much. I described it to
Elder Brown as being almost nostalgic about the future, and he said
that he got the same thing all the time, and after thinking about it
for a while he identified it. It's the feeling of longing. It's not
something I'm familiar with, so I don't think too much about shtufts
like that too much, but it does get my creative side running when I

Who do I think has changed the most since the last time I saw them?
Mmm... Prolly Tyson, but I dunno. I don't think that any of the
younger kids will have done much more than grow up haha

What special things do the Japanese people do for holidays?
They drink. That's about it.

Do I need Halloween Candy?
Hey, if there was a desire for sending candy Younger Elder Brooksby's
way, there would be no regrets from this side of things!

Did I get the packages?
Yupp, I got one! Thanks a ton! Love you the most bestest!

I came up with a really good icebreaker question; If you could have a
mythical creature attack this building right now, what would it be?
Elder Brown wanted either the imps from Harry Potter or a sphinx, 'cuz
then we could all just sit there and solve riddles. I thought a
werewolf would be pretty cool, or anything that could turn you into
one if you survived.

Random Story Time!
My largest problem: I'm not awkward enough! Around girls, at least...
Every area I've been in I've had some kind of problem to one extent or
another with girls, especially ones in English class, and I always
wondered why it was only me. Then, recently there has been a group of
two or three of them following us back almost to our apartment from
English Class every week, so we told our zone leader about it and he
was like "Hey, what am I supposed to do about it?" but then Elder
Brown noticed that he always felt awkward around girls but I don't
seem to be, so we think that is the problem. New challenge for Younger
Elder Brooksby: Be awkward!

We had a pretty fun dinner with our stake president and 14
missionaries last night! It felt oddly like a normal party...

That's about it! Have an awesome day in this wandering island in the
sky of ours for me!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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