Monday, December 1, 2014

Rock vs. Paper: My companions biggest life decision.

My companion was stuck deciding between buying a 40$ 3,000 piece
puzzle of Machu Pichu or buying a 42$ rock sphere and wooden stand. He
chose the rock.

Hello peopleseds!

I got a letter of letters from my home ward, so there are quite a few
questions this week. I guess I'll have to rely on my family to get
them the responses if they want them...

Weekly Questions!

How am I?
Doing awesome! How are you?

How is my mission going?
It's going awesomely! How's yours?

How is Tokyo? Is it nice here?
It's awesome! How's America?

Have I met any awesome people here?
Tons of awesome people, actually. Some of the coolest people live out
here. Sometimes I actually even miss one or two of them!

What is something I like to do?
I like to destroy stereotypes. Like, for example, clothes. In America
I would wear a black v-neck tee shirt, dark jeans, black shoes, black
fingerless gloves, a grey hoodie and had long, dark brown hair. It was
surprising to see how much different people acted around me just
because of how I looked, and with that look it was often a negative
reaction. Aware of that, I enjoyed just doing good things and making
people think "Huh, maybe those kids aren't as bad as I thought they
were...". Stereotypes are useful sometimes, because people who dress a
certain way are aware of how that type of person is viewed and still
dress like that for a reason, but I like to make people realize that
they aren't necessarily always who they think they are.

What is my favorite food?
Okonomiyaki! It's like a cabbage pancake with shrimp and fish and
seaweed and whatever else you want to put in it!

How many people have I baptized?
It's generally a better idea to have the investigators member
fellowshipper baptize them, so I have baptized 0 people.

How much longer do I have on my mission?
I'll be back eventually.

What is the hardest thing about serving a mission?
Having to leave. When you leave America, that's hard sometimes.
Leaving things up to God, that's hard sometimes. Leaving the stability
of who you used to be, that's hard sometimes. Leaving your best
friends, that's always hard.

What is my favorite color?
Black and red. If it's just one, dark red is the coolest!

What is Christmas to me?
A holiday for April 6th haha

What are my favorite things about Christmas?
I love ... Mmm... I was gonna say puppies, but that was only once...

What do I wish others would do for me at Christmas time?
Be happy with improvement, nothing less. That would make me happy.
Also, if people would send me letters or messages or something, I
would love that.

What do I think I am good at?

Where do I see yourself in a year from now?
Probably taking a ton of random college classes, possibly in Japan,
possibly in America, possibly in Germany.

Do I love my mission?
More that you could even know.

Do I know that my family loves me?
That I do. I think I'm more aware of love when I let myself love more.
It's just the logical choice now, right?

*****Transfer Update!!!*****
Elder Wallace and I are the same!
Elder Ford leaves and Elder someone replaces him!
Sister Kaizaki leaves and is replaced by Sister Matsuzaki!
Elder Kojima is replaced by Elder Cook!

Lunch after church
Random Story Time!
We had a Thanksgiving party! It was awesome!

We were at a church lunch after sacrament and just felt like I would
miss Japan and how they all hang out forever after church for no
reason. Then I realized I just really miss Hodogaya and all the
awesome people there, and that's really what sums it all up.


Younger Elder Brooksby

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