Monday, December 8, 2014

I do the monkey bars...

...upside down! Elder Wallace and I decided that you could prolly make a lot of money by becoming a professional monkey bar climber.
Hullo, humans!

We've all been sick this week! I was inside for over three days long! Elder Wallace got a break when Elder Van Vleet felt more sick than him, so they went on splits to trade off. Luckily we should all be up to speed soon!

Weekly Questions!

What part is your favorite to play in the family nativity scene?
I like the wise men, mainly for the fun hats. The narrator or cameraman is pretty cool too.

How is my mission president doing?
He's doing alright, I believe. I haven't seen him recently, though.

Any new things going on for you?
Not tons. We have an appointment with one of our investigators who we haven't met in about two weeks, so that should be fun.

What are some Japanese activities for December?
It's date month! Most American holidays are dating holidays in Japan.

Is there anything you would like for Christmas?
Letters are cool. I wouldn't really want much else...

Do you guys know how hard it is to find a mini hole-punch? I'm trying to finish up a planner cover but I can't find a proper sized hole-punch anywhere!

Random Story Time!
We got a referral! Or we almost got a referral! A member who just moved in started talking to her neighbors and she said she just needs to set an appointment with him. It's supa cool!

Funny quote from this week: "Me and we! It's like me and you, but with more me!"

That's about it! Loveds!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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