Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20 year old toilets don't work as well as you would think.

Apparently ours is! They've found 5 holes in it so far and they are coming to check it out more tomorrow.

Konbanwa, Kazoku!

This is Younger Elder Brooksby reporting from the dark side of operating systems, otherwise known as Apple! In case you didn't hear, they switched our laptops for iPads! They are way more annoying on pretty much everything but the reminders help and e-mailing is way easier, not to mention the sisters aren't borrowing from us anymore.

Anyways, Weekly Questions time!

What's my favorite candy?
Twizzlers! I love Twizzlers! Not red vines though. Red vines are gross.

And that's it! I would love to answer people's questions if they have them!

So today we went bowling as a zone for p-day and I beat my previous highest score of 74 with an 84! Yay! By the way I have only been bowling 3-4 times before haha

I came up with some kanji names for 3 of my favorite brothers! Not all of the favorites, just some haha
*大山(Big mountain)-taisan-Tyson-Ooyama
たこ田(Octopus field)-takoda-Takoda
*電場(Electrical field)-denba-Denver-Denjyou
*These names are read as if they weren't names. The one after the persons real name would be the actual reading.

Random story time!
So this transfer Elder Stevens and I go quite often to the train station and hand out English class fliers and recently I have found out that saying "Hello!" to high-school girls is slightly dangerous. One time I said hello to a group of three and two of them started giggling and the other got really shy, but after they passed me the other girls realized that the one wasn't laughing, slowed down and stopped about 10ft from me, whispered to each other for a bit, then turned around and started walking straight towards me looking like they wanted to "talk" to me, which is a scary sight for a missionary in japan, but luckily the shy girl lost her nerve and they veered off and ran up to the station. Another time that same night I said hello to a group of college girls and one of them literally stopped and stared at me with mouth agape, but her friends pulled her along, so I thought I was safe until they all stopped about 20ft away and kept talking and looking back at me for 10 minutes. Needless to say, during that 10 minutes I wasn't the most focused and was slightly more nervous than I usually am when handing out fliers. Another funny thing is there are a lot of other people handing out napkins or fliers, some of them for like restaurants and shtufts, but the majority for really sketch shtufts that they will only give to females. So I like to talk with them, obviously haha so I was talking to one about his job and shtufts and just trying to make friends and he gave me one of his "guy-spesific" napkins and when I asked him what it was he said it was for a job then asked me if I could read it. I said no, but I gave him an English class flier and we went back to handing shtufts out. The funny thing was that I watched him pass my flier I gave to him out to someone else about 10 minutes later when he thought I wasn't looking.

Oh also Elder Yagui transferred to the mission home to be trained to be recorder for a transfer, then become the commisarian the next transfer and train the new recorder, so he will be in the mission home for 5 transfers or 8 months. Currently, at least until transfers next week, I am once again companions with Elder Sawyer! I get to finish up training him! Yay!

Loves to you all!!!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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