Wednesday, July 23, 2014


ISo yeah.
O-haiyo gozaimasu to all my kazoku!

 am sleepy again, which seems to be common around the MTC haha... it was awesome to get all the letters from everybody :) haley, dad, and kadin are slacking though haha pick up the pace! speaking of, haley and tyson if you give me your mailing addresses I would love to write back and forth with you guys.
So random story time, my district at night get bored, and tired, which makes us all a little slaphappy... so we had changed classrooms a couple days ago to one where the window has a better view of the main courtyard in the day, but at night with our lights on we can't see out at all and everyone outside can see in.
so anyways, we all are in slaphappy state and Hardin choro and Peters choro grab their ties and start singing into them like they are mics, while all of us are dancing in our chairs and clapping to the music, sometimes singing along when we know the words. with our district when we get bored its either zombies or music to help relieve the boredom.... so anyways, we are all in concert mode rocking out, when Hutchings choro hits the light and we all look out the window to see a large crowd has gathered outside and is watching us
As soon as they saw the lights go off they all turned around almost simultaneously, which made it even funnier :) after laughing our heads of in the dark for about 30 seconds we all sat back in our desks, went straight-faced, and turned the lights back on. one of the shimai checked out the window and reported that all the people watching looked really confused and left
andywayds,,,,,, we all are having a lot of fun. I sent you guys a letter, or will have by the time you read this prolly, so yeah...
the pictures are how I defend my twizlers and the other is a note our teacher left us that we had to translate in order to teach the lesson of that day.
I dunno what to write, so have a sentince in japanese!
Kamisama wa Brooksby choro no kazoku ga daisuki desu!
see if you can figure it out without google translator or anything like it. I use this sentince or similar ones like this all the time when I'm teaching, so its kinda helpful to know how to say. you say Kamisama & kazoku the way they are spelled, daisuki like "Die, Ski!" and desu like dess
watashi wa kazoku ga suki desu <3

Elder Brooksby

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