Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dou said


That guy we found commented on almost all of you 'cuz I showed him my
introduction pictures, so I youths I would send you what he said.

Dad: He looks very strong.
Mom: She is so young and beautiful!
Haley: Is this your mom? (To be fair, he was going backwards and
hadn't seen a pic of mom, and the picture was of Haley and I when we
were dropping Haley off at the MTC)
Tyson: Dang, he's way tall! How many centimeters?
Sierra: She is very pretty! She looks like an actor from Hollywood!
Tanner: Unfortunately, we were talking about something else and he
kinda skipped your pic...
Kadin: Same as Tanner's
Takoda: Haha his face is way funny! (He was cross-eyed in the picture)
Savannah: He didn't say anything specifically 'cuz we were talking
about tons of shtufts...
Elias: Him too! He's way cute! I want little brothers like yours!(He
commented on Denver first)
Denver: Ah, he is super cute! I want a brother like that!

I just realized that everyone in our family except for Savannah and I
have either 5 or 6 letters in their names. I wonder if that's

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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