Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am a giant, bamboo eating panda!

I was asked what my favorite Japanese ingredient was and I said "take" meaning bamboo, but they all got confused and, when they figured out what I meant, corrected me and said unless you say "shina chiku" or "chinese bamboo" it sounds like the straight up plant. take and chiku are the same character but with different readings.
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Whazzuppp? Live your normal/un-normal lives awesomely!
Weekly Questions!
Nothing! If you want longer e-mails, ask more questions!
Elder Stevens and I were sick for a while and spent a whole day sleeping... We had a lot of work to make up... but we're better now!
Random Story Time!
We have a 27 episode long movie series called "The Sawyer Saga" of random movies we filmed last and this transfer. Yesterday we got one of him eating an onion like an apple and tonight we got one of him chugging a carton of peach juice then laughing and making a bit of a mess. We also played ping-pong in the church tonight. It was way fun.
Thats it! I might've written more but Elder Sawyer wants to write.
Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

Elder Fernilius, my zone leader, talking with an interesting guy when we were on splits.

This bike is pretty intense! I'd seen it before, but Elder Stevens noticed it for the first time and I figured I would take a picture this time. And yes, it is overgrown by a tree

We have fun with chopsticks. They are actually really good for tossing at shtufts! (I have a video, but that's on my SD card, so you'll get it when I send it home)

We like mango juice. This is one week's shopping trip. Don't worry, each mango juice is only 74 cents. Also, we didn't get it last week so they bought it all out this week.

Awesome Ping-Pong night! Scores: 1st-Yagui 4/0, 2nd-Brooksby 3/1, 3rd-Naoto 2/2, 3rd-Sawyer 2/2, 5th-Stevens 0/4
I've actually become pretty decent at ping-pong since coming to japan. The only game I lost was against Elder Yagui, who has been playing since he was a kid, and even then the end score was 12-10. I am very proud of my God in giving me the strength to beast at ping-pong!

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