Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We went to an opera concert put on by old ladies...

Then randomly two of them pulled out baseball caps and started
rapping. It was epically weird, to say the least.

Heyo, kazoku!

Sorry for not writing yesterday! It was just slightly hectic...
Anyways, let's get started, shall we?

Weekly Questions!

How many emails do I generally get?
Mmm... 4-5 weekly, about? Sometimes it's about 7. The most I've gotten
in one week was 9 'cuz someone sent pictures in a separate email and I
got an email from salt lake about an update.

Do I take the subway or busses more? Or mostly the bike?
Well, normally it's by train or walking. We only use busses when there
isn't a train station anywhere near where we're going and I have only
used my bike about 4 times in the last 5 months. Subways are only in
really populated areas, so pretty much the only time we use them is on
the way to the temple. They aren't a whole lot different from the
regular trains except they're underground and slightly more expensive.

Any interesting experiences street contacting?
Recently? This area hasn't really been missionary-friendly for the
past couple of years, so I decided to change that by saying "Hello" to
everyone we pass on the street and recently we've been getting people
who are like, "Dang, you guys are always greeting me! Who are you
anyways?" But there are two little girls that whenever we see them
they both get really, REALLY big eyes and get way exited and seem like
they're gonna explode or something, but they would never say hello
back, but they did today. That was cool, I guess... They still freak
me out though...

What is the craziest thing I have ever seen in japan?
There was a young couple on a train one time that were having a legit
conversation. Like, the guy would say something, then would stop and
listen to the girl's response and like, respond to it back. It was
intense. I wish I had had my camera out. (This is crazy for japan.
Trust me.)

Are there still radiation problems? Do I glow in the dark?
If I do, nobody' told me yet! I haven't even thought about radiation
until just now.

Have I eaten any American food since I came to japan?
We went to McDonalds last night. It's actually better than the
American version. They also have that TJI Fridays or whatever that
place is called here too.

Dang... I am tired... Sleep is good...

Random Story Time!
The reason for my letter being so late is because we did a ton of
service yesterday and it took up most of our P-Day time, so the zone
leaders gave us some time today to do e-mails and shtufts. Anyways, we
also got to go to the island of Enoshima yesterday as a district as
well, and that was pretty cool. We walked around and saw a bunch of
shrines and trees and shtufts, then we got to the top of the island
and took some pictures with some random people. On my bag I have a
bunch or random key chains I've gotten from prior companions or just
collecting them, but about half of them are from Elder Fernelius, my
last companion, and those ones are all Dragonball Z shtufts. Anyways,
they attract a lot of attention from young guys and are a great
stopping tool, especially since I have never watched Dragonball, but
one of my key chains that everyone always comments on is from the
season Kami X Kami, meaning god vs god, so I'm always like, "Oh hey,
you know God?" And all awesomeness like that, but yesterday we got to
the top of Enoshima island and there was a large group of girls that
we had seen several times and said hello in passing, so obviously we
used the opportunity for missionary work! We asked to take a picture
with them and they were all exited and one girl kept telling us how
attractive we were, but, being my un-self, I tried to step in to the
left-front or the group to be able to interact better, but I turned
around and all of a sudden had 7-8 young girls crowded around my bag
like, "Oh, it's soooo cute! There's a cat! Oh, is that Dragonball?
He's so fashionable!" And it was quite unnerving. All of the elders
were laughing at the strangeness of the situation and the sisters were
taking pictures and I just had to stand there for like, 3 minutes
surrounded by girls. It was... Interesting...

Anyways, that's it for now, I think! Peace!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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