Thursday, July 24, 2014

An impossible word to explain...

Elder Kennedy and Bates speak slang, but we've found it impossible to
explain the word "gay" to Elder Otsuka.

Heyo, peeps!

I dunno how late this email will be... I started writing on Monday but
didn't get anything finished, so I'm writing this bit on Tuesday and
we don't currently have any plans to stop the the church for WiFi, so
I'll prolly send it tomorrow. Sorry 'bout that!

Weekly Questions! (If I didn't get your questions this week, I'll get
it next week for sure!)

Why was I smiling so much this time when my family talked to me?  AKA:
Are you REALLY happy?
Yeah I am! I was surprised when I read this question 'cuz I had
thought that I had been pretty normal, but I guess I just really was
glad to see my family!

How's English class going?
We've managed to keep it sane this transfer! There hasn't been a lot
of proselyting opportunities because of some "logistical
disagreements", but President Wada visited the ward personally and we
expect we shouldn't encounter many more problems in the foreseeable

Who cleans the most in our apartment?
AKA: Is your apartment clean?ですよね?we all just do cleaning parties once
a week, so it doesn't get dirty, but it does get a bit messy
occasionally. I have always been very organized, though, so my desk
is, at most, an organized mess haha

What skills or knowledge am I grateful for that I had before my mission?
Patience is great. It's nice to be able to deal with people too. I can
work decently with literally any personality type, which, let me tell
you, is very convenient.

If I could have one wish for tomorrow what would it be? (If I could
only have it for 24 hours.)
I would want something different if I wasn't a missionary, but if it
was tomorrow I would want the faith of Nephi in 3 Nephi 7:15-18. If I
was a regular person I would want the ability to pull things out of
pictures or drawings or movies or games and shtufts like that. Make a
Pokemon army. That would be sweet.

If I could give a gift to someone I love, what would it be?
A video of the memories of times when they helped me most and how it
changed me. I've wanted something like that for a long time now.

What do I think about when I have free time?
Mmm... When we're walking around and there's no one to talk to we talk
a lot about anything from video games to zombie apocalypses, but when
I get a spare moment to think I just chill. I think sometimes about
how I used to be, or how I am now, occasionally even what I want to
become, but mostly I just like to chill and listen to the other elders
talk about movies and shtufts.

We get Facebook on Friday and Elder Cook is visiting the mission on Saturday.

Random Story Time!
We walked over 70 miles this week and over 22 miles in just one day,
which is roughly the equivalent of a marathon. I am pained.

Sorry I cut it short a bit but we're standing outside of our church
building to grab WiFi and we want to go eat. I AM AN HUNGERED!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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