Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our newest addition is screwing with the mail system

Which I will tell you about in my random story
Konnichiwa Kazoku!
We are having a lot of fun here, at least that's what they tell me :)
So I dunno if I mentioned last week but this week our Di-Senpai left, so we are the most experienced nihongo district in our zone ATM. so obviously, when they left they also left leadership responsibilities to be filled, the majority of which are to get the mail or interview a bunch of people, so they kinda suck a bit. anyways, so 9/10 of my district, sense we are the only current di-senpai group, have leadership responsibilities, and I bet you can guess who got out of all the boring meetings ;P
Hutchings & Hardin choro are Zone leaders
Peters choro is the district leader
Baker and Murry shimai are the sister training leaders
Lindquist and Brumley are music coordinators
and last but not least, Gibbs and Holt are missionary portal instructors
I think they had to assign a set of chorotachi from one of the kohai groups, the ones below us, to be in charge of sacrament because there aren't enough of us... So basically while everyone has to go to meetings I go and chill with the district next to us(those type who are like "Ahh! I can't feel the spirit! Fast and Pray for 2 weeks straight!" type of missionaries) and I teach them in the ways of slacking off haha. its more like I teach them to relax so they don't freak over everything.
So random story time!
When we first got here there was one shimai who had studied Japanese before she came, so she got transferred from her first district to an advanced class that were leaving 3 weeks earlier, got transferred again because none of them had visas so they were moved stateside, then she didn't have her visa when that district was leaving, so she transferred into our district. So we have a new member of our district who is basically a walking dictionary, which is pretty cool haha
The coolest thing is that before she joined our district, whenever we prayed we felt like not everyone was there, or at TALL time we always had an empty chair on the shimai side or the room, we even had an empty desk that we were told to keep in out room by the building cleaners, even though we only had 10 people, and it happened to be next to Baker and Murry shimai, who are the ones she ended up in a companionship with, so it was all prety cool... and in regards to the title, because she has been in so many districts and had so many different mail boxes, they have a note system set up for her letters so they take her first letter to one mailbox and it says "go to mailbox #7" and then they go there and it it like, "go to #13", then "go to #35" and that one just says "just find out what classroom she is in", so she gets all her mail slid under the door of our classroom
So everything is good, living life, shtuftsh like that :)
Me and Peters choro have kinda opposite personalities, so sometimes in class we have conflicting ideas, but it is so cool to go into a lesson with him and see how it works :) Every time we go to a lesson, he starts talking on and on about what we planned on teaching and I correct his grammar, provide stories and Scriptures, and translate when he doesn't get something our investigator said haha. After our lessons he is always like, "that sucked and was probably our worst lesson" and I am all like, "we got our point that we were working for across and he felt the spirit, so it was a success!" and I laughed a little cuz our sensei pulled us to the side after one of our lessons and asked if we had mogied(role-played the lesson in nihongo) and we said that we had and he said "that was one of the best lessons I have heard sense I have been a teacher here" which is hillarious/freaky coming from mukimuki sensei cuz he would rip our heads off if we did something wrong.
Quick little reasoning by me:
There were ancient civilizations, and if so they would have had records or history, and if so and they were destroyed their language would have been untranslatable by even the most prestigious linguistics, and if so then there could be no other way under heaven or earth for that book to have been translated, exept by divine intervention, and if so there should be a prophet by which this was fulfilled.
I know this prophet to be Joseph Smith and that the evils of this earth would and did do everything they could to interupt the work done by this amazing man.
I am honered to follow this great prophets example in sharing the gospel to one of the farther corners of this earth, where these people are some that need this the most.
Yours with love

Younger Elder Brooksby

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