Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It kindof feels like we won't get a good nights sleep until we get back :S
My choros and I were wondering why you got your money taken away, like did they think you were undercover spies who were going to bomb whatever big landmarks they have there or something?
One of the shimai that my doryo knows is going to portugal and we just said goodbye to her this morning, so you should watch out for her. her name is sister Beard and she is decently attractive, so you will probably spot her haha
Today is my 21st day at the MTC and I am tired as heck... I think some of the language is finally starting to click tho, which is nice.
Thanks for the letter. Its kinda cool to get a letter you weren't expexting haha I bet you know the feeling
Here is my mailing address:
Elder Trey Aaron Brooksby
MTC Mailbox # 2
JPN-TOK 0625
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
funny thing is that me and my doryo share a middle name. it was like, *connection made*, and we were cool haha. his name is robert peters, but people used to call him robby, and now we call him elder :P
These names are a bit confusing sometimes with all the "Elder ____" and "Sister ____", like at gym yesterday a shimai asked me my name and I was all like, "Trey, I mean, Brooksby, ugh, Elder Brooksby" :S cuz everyone in gym just calls me brooksby...
anywayssss...... sleep is good, focus is better, spirit is best, so sleep to focus on the spirit when you are awake. I know my district has problems focusing sometimes so we just pull up a conference talk on the computer and get the spirit, then the focus comes and I sleep easier at night.
Another new thing here is that tommorow they are trying a new thing out where they have hot dog stands for dinner on thursday & friday that have teryakii stix, subway, and pizza, so it sounds pretty awesome :P they are trying it out because tomorrow is when all the high school students start coming in, and we will be packed... we get 2 new gaijin(foregn to japan) districts in our branch and a total of 5 gaijin districts overall. there used to only be 1 nihongo(japanese) branch but they split to 2 a week before we got here and last week we split to 3, so there are going to be a lot of us. next week we get a group of nihonji(japanese natives) who stay for 2 weeks and leave with our DaiSenpai(big leader/more experenced) group. as of this wednesday we will be senpai and the newbies we call kohei.
Knowing today was P-Day i slept(or lay in bed) for 20 extra minutes while the others did exercises to wake up, and i'm not sure who is the most awake at the moment haha. Elder Brooksby, our sleep schedule will be screwed when we get home....
well, gonna go get laundry in a sec, so talk to you next week I guess...
Elder Brooksby

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