Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't talk to old guys in parks!!!

You will be there for an hour+! We were today and even Elder Otsuka
couldn't understand the guy...

Heyo, kazoku!

How's it hanging? We all ready for more awesomeness from Younger Elder
"Awesome" Brooksby? Sweet shtufts!

Weekly Questions! (Oddly directed this week...)

Am I getting e-mails from any girls?
Mmm.... Try anyone at all? I have one non-family member currently
e-mailing me to my knowledge, and hopefully none that aren't to my

Do Japanese girls flirt with me?
I'm a white foreigner in japan. We're rock stars even if we don't even
know what a guitar looks like, let alone what we look like. The good
thing is that we're still pretty safe 'cuz most of them lack serious
confidence in talking to gaijin that are both amazing and scary and
fashionable all at the same time. We aren't actually allowed to
proselyte to them directly without them talking to us first, though,
so that gives you an idea of how it is.

How do they flirt in Japan?
I haven't experimented on that subject, so I can't really tell you a
whole lot. If I say hello to a group of young school-girls, they say
hello and giggle after they pass, but if I slow down at all they get
really scared and like, run away. If it's an individual college girl,
she won't respond to me, but as she walks past she will watch out of
the corner of her eye. Ima not mention how far the age groups go, but
you get the idea haha

So you guys keep telling me that my e-mails are way funny, but I am
still seriously confused about what so funny in them... Someone wanna
give me an example or something, 'cuz I've read back through them and
still can't figure it out haha

My companion rates his "genki" by percentages according to his time in
he MTC, which is his 100% most happy in his life. For some reason,
he's been dwindling at about 2% this week for no reason, but he has
gone up to 20% right now. He wanted me to tell you that he has
"received a restoration" and I don't know why.

Random Story Time!
We had a lesson this week with an old guy that has been an
investigator for 3 years. We started off with about 45 minutes of
pictures of his dogs, himself, his family, then his granddaughters
cat, in that order. Then we had the lesson for forever. It was way
long. Near the end of it his wife came home and she thought I was new
to japan and introduced herself in English, but then her husband
corrected her and said "No, no, no! Speak Japanese! He is totally
fluent!" And I was thinking "Ahh, you think that, old man, but really
I'm only fluent in acting like I understand! I've only gotten about
half of what you said and drew a picture, maybe a question of two
also!" And then Elder Otsuka and I laughed after. Old guys think you
speak Japanese because they are the only ones speaking.

That's about it, I think!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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