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Trey Brooksby

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We got a former who ended every sentience in his texts like that.
Whazzup, Kazoku!!!
Reporting in for last day of transfers! We are getting transfer calls tomorrow! You don't get any info till next week, sorry :P
So the questions:
 Digimon weeklong marathon?
Sounds good, bro, but they shut Digimon Battle down about 6 months ago :S Digimon Masters (3dver) sounds good tho!
Did I get the packages?
I got one from Haley last week that she had written the first week I got to Japan? I also got a big letter from home with a usb-wall plug-in thingy and bits of Lego magazines and pics from Elias, and that's about it.
Can I get an exchange student for home?
Nah we're not allowed to advise people to move to America or anything like that, but if a Japanese girl asks (especially if she's attractive :P) I'll for sure send her your way
How are our investigators?
We have two! we used to have 3 but we dropped one 'cuz we could never contact him.... we're working on it though! One of our investigators is a 11 year old Chinese girl that's getting baptized the 29th of September and the other is that Fatalistic guy I may have mentioned before... he's way cool but he thinks church is too formal and doesn't exactly believe in our version of God. He WILL get baptized after a time, but the real question is, how long?
Random Story Time!
So you generally hear from a lot of people that housing isn't that effective, so you may wonder, why do it? I know during mogi's(role plays) for housing it feels like the most awkward and unnatural thing in the world to go talk to some random pair of dudes at your doorstep, so I understand that, but I wanna show you why missionaries still do it with a story.
So we had planned on streeting/housing in the way Elder Bradshaw and I do it, which is to wander around and pick random directions to go by the spirit and if we're not sure and its our turn to pick, we pray for a direction(sometimes the direction is a house and sometimes its a street, hence streeting/housing) so we were doing that, but it was my time to pick and I wasn't sure where to go and for some reason the spirit was telling me to walk slower :S kinda strange, but alright God, you prolly know what you're doing, ne? all of a sudden I got a direction, we walked that way, then I realized where we were and remembered that there was a less-active member's house nearby, so I mentioned it to Elder Bradshaw and we discussed it for a second 'cuz it wasn't one of our goals, but we felt the spirit to go, so we did.
After prepping a lesson for 2 minutes outside the door, we rang and nobody was home, so we did what all good missionaries would do: we housed the rest of the apartment! guess what happened then? NOTHING! nobody home. So we started walking along again down the street and I realized that we had almost completed a big circle back to where I had been told to walk slower, but not quite to that road, and it was Elder Bradshaw's turn to pick, so he picked this nice-looking apartment building(the place we were in at the time was a little ghetto) and we went to the top floor to the end room and Elder Bradshaw rang the doorbell and, this is a surprise, nobody was home! but, being the good missionaries we are, we moved to the next one. This time it was my turn and I used all my awesome housing skills, lifted my right arm, stretched forth my pointer finger, and slightly depressed the button of awesomeness! We heard the "ping-pong" of my success when all of a sudden the door comes flying open! That in and of itself was very startling because Japanese people tend to only open their doors a crack, so, it being my turn, I just rattle off my fluent Japanese introduction of us and the church out of reflex and ask her if we can teach her about Jesus.
She said she was headed to the train station and asked if we could walk with her and talk to her about it on the way over, which sounded uber kinjin(golden person), but we weren't sure if we were allowed to do that 'cuz we're not supposed to dendo girls alone, so we asked if we could come back later with a friend and she said, in English, "ah right, missionary rules" ah... what? She explained after we looked surprised that she had been taught previously around April(this year, kanna?) she had been taught by missionaries and one of them had "Gold hair" as she put it but she couldn't remember his name, but she had a Book of Mormon and everything. She said that her roommate was christian and that she was in Canada until sometime this or next week, but she wanted us to come back and teach them both at the same time, so we gave her our phone number, which felt weird, then asked her to call us when her friend got back and she said she would.
Even if she doesn't call us back, we'll go visit her sometime next week and check, but its crazy cool stuff and I can speak Japanese!
Oh and kind of a cool stat our mission president shared with us at one of our meetings that we have a lot is that from now, or from a week ago I guess, to the end of the year we will have a net increase of 30-35 new missionaries, so that's 60-70 new companionships and I dunno how its gonna work 'cuz everyone in my zone that CAN train is training, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was training this or next transfer.
Younger Elder Brooksby

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