Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Would Satan Do?

Our ward mission leader wants us to think about this question for our
investigators so we can help them out.

Konbanwa, Kazoku!

Whazzup? Doing some sweet chillin' in kunitach'. Sweet stuff.

It hasn't been amazingly long since the last time I e-mailed because of
thanksgiving, but I still do have a couple of questions to answer this week!

Have my masterful patience skills disappeared since coming on my mission?
What's my secret?
As I may have mentioned, I have gone somewhat insane since coming on my
mission, but I don't think my patience skills have been too badly affected.
The secret is to not rely on someone else's happiness to be happy yourself.
That helps with EVERYTHING. The only person's opinion that matters is
God's. No one else's. As cool as your family is and your future spouse and
kids and all that, and as important as it is to keep them happy and to keep
a good example for them, if you are keeping God happy everyone else should
be too. If not, that's their problem, not yours.

What can you do for me?
Keep being awesome. That would be chill.

How often do we 1)eat at restaurants, 2)buy chocolate, 3)eat cereal, 4)cook
your own food, 5)cry, 6)fall asleep in study time and 7)find cool crazy
Lets just put this on a scale from one to ten on each, ne? 1 being never
and 10 being every single time you possibly could. 1)3, 2)4, 3)2, 4)8, 5)1,
6)1 and 7)7

But yeah, good shtufts. Elder Hoopes, Sawyer, and I are going to be
remaking some Christmas songs, at least one anyways, into zombie version
for kicks and giggles, so I may possibly send it through e-mail when it is
done, if it is small enough that is.

Random Story Time!
So we had had a kind of a bummer dendo(proselyting) day and we were way
bummed, so we grabbed some TimTams from our local Seiyu, or Japanese
WalMart, did some TimTam-slams, then set out revitalized to go baptize some
people! We were way into it and way energetic and started doing way good at
just making people smile and laugh at us, which only energized us more, so,
ignoring the fact that we had yet not stopped a single person and only had
about an hour before we had to head back, we continued on to get more
success and help more people. By the end of the night we had gained 3
potential investigators and talked to a ton of other people and it was
awesome! But the effects of our faith that night didn't end there! We also
had a random person show up to our Sunday-morning English class who ended
up staying for all 3 hours of church, a 20 minute lesson afterwards and
became a new investigator! The power of faith and TimTam-slams! Awesome

Anyways, Loves to all you awesome people!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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