Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brooksby, Kanji version!

Trey Brooksby

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ブル(no kanji)ーPutting on airs
クス樟ーA camphor (tree)
Translated it is: Putting on the airs of a beautiful camphor tree
O-haiyo gozaimasu, Kazoku!
Whazzup this week you crazy people?? Lets have some fun!
Weekly questions!
What do we do all week?
Street. We street. We have one lesson and church to break it up, but other than that it is streeting.
Do I every get bored?
Nah, I just wander the streets with Elder Hoshino and chill.
How do I stay happy and working hard?
We street. I get to explore while talking to people!
What is the biggest miracle I have seen in my life?
I got a game approved by dad that I actually wanted to play!
This week we actually opened a sisters apartment! It was interesting... We went to the apartment and chilled there for about 6 hours, 30 minutes of it setting up furniture and the rest waiting for more so we could actually do something. It does mean we are getting shimai this or next transfer, which is pretty intense.
Speaking of transfers, tomorrow we get transfer calls and we transfer on the 10th, but since it is on Tuesday you all won't figure what happens until next week!
Random story time!
So a couple days ago Elder Hoshino and I wanted to go visit some less-actives, so we pulled out our list and picked 4 random names. The first was right next to our apartment so we went over and they were busy, so we didn't get to teach them. 2 of them were in the same area, at the bottom of the map and 1 at the top left corner of our map with no train lines going to it, so we had to take a bus. So anyways, we decided to go to the uber-far LA first, so we traveled to the top station where we would take the bus from but realized that it would be another hour until the bus came, so we got a bus schedule and headed to the other 2 LA's and actually visited one of them! That was cool but by that time it was 6:00 and we had to run to catch the train. We just barely caught it too. Then we headed to the bus station and took a bus at 7:30, which we rode for about 30 minutes, then arrived in an incredibly inaka, jungle-type area, wandered around for a while through grass that our GPS said was a road, finally found it and nobody was home. So then we sit for a while and write a note 'cuz it took us about 1.5 hours and 12$ just to travel there, not to mention the travel back. Then we headed back through the jungle 'road' to the actual paved road
(That is where I ended last week. Sorry for the worry! None of us got our full e-mail time in.)
As we were walking back I turned to Elder Hoshino and said "I bet we are too late too get a bus." right as a bus passed us. Sadly, it didn't stop and the last bus of the day had already come by. Time to walk! Luckily, we took a guess and a chance and made it back on time on a random bus then another random bus and some spiritual guidance! We survived!
Thanks for reading!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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