Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am Brooksby~!

Trey Brooksby

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My Japanese is messing with my English...
Konbanwa, Kazoku!!
Sorry for the weird not-e-mailing stufftsheds! Busy week and lots to do!
This week we had transfer calls! Here is the news!
~~~~~~~~~~Transfer Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~
#1.Elder Mak was transferred to Takao, which was completely unexpected.
#2. Elder Petersen is training a new missionary in Sagamihara! Apparently he is too good of a trainer and needs to train another before he finished his first.
#3. I have been transferred to Kunitachi! My companion's name is Elder Flack and he is on his last transfer, and he is also district leader.
#4. Elder Hoshino stays in Sagamihara and has a new companion that was going to be a trainee but then wasn't.
#5. In our apartment we have 4 Elders, Elder Flack and myself, and Elder Orton and Lohner, the zone leaders.
No questions this week other than am I alive, to which the answer is last time I checked.
I also had some crazy old guy do a peace sign to me. Just thought I would mention that.
Random Story Time!
So we got our transfer calls and were glad we had done our end of transfer party the night before with Tim Tam Slams and lots of food because we were way busy. So anyways, I packed all up, got all my stuff, then headed off to my new area with Elder Mak(because we were in the same train for most of the time)! I had to help him get to his new area safely because he forgot to look up the train schedule and we left earlier than planned, then I got on my last train, where I realized that I had left my gaijin card and my scriptures in my side bag at the other apartment. Then I got off the train and the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw my companion was one of dads old phrases that all of a sudden made sense! "Don't give me no Flack!" haha dad prolly had a companion that he didn't like named Elder Flack. He actually looked pretty chill and he is way cool. Anyways, that's my boring random story.
Love you all!!!!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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