Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pokemon runs japan!

some of the crappiest toothbrushes in my life are worth it cuz they are covered in pokemon haha
Konnichiwa, Kazoku!
All is well in Japan! The mission split and I won't tell you where I went yet, just to laugh at the suspense :P
First off I will go step by step through everything the first and second days:
We landed in Japan after a 14 hour flight and the windows immediately fogged up from the humidity. We got out of the plane and felt like we were swimming there was so much haha
We went and picked up all our luggage and went through security, which was WAY easier than in America, then we came around the corner to the lobby to meet my mission president(or maybe not mine :P he is the president of the Tokyo North) and we got on a bus to go to the mission home. on the way there we took votes after eating some rice balls about weather or not to wait until the next day to figure out who was going to which mission, and the majority voted then.
So they told us all who was going to which mission and then we got to the mission home and slept on futons for the night.
The next morning we had breakfast at the mission home then we all went to different church buildings in our respective missions so that we could meet our new companions, get our mission fund debit cards, and eat lunch anywhere we wanted. Me, 2 shimai, and 2 chorotachi went and had sushi that was delicious (I ate a raw squid on a bit of rice that actually wasn't too bad, just a little chewy) and we went back to the church to meet our companions.
My companion's name is Elder Bradshaw and he is pretty cool. We are assigned to the Sagamihara area and its way cool here.
Anyways, we took the train to our area talking to people all the way, then that night I taught the advanced English class, which was basically me introducing myself and talking to the nihonjin in English.
After that we went to the apartment and started planning then went to sleep. (The next night I was really tired and almost fell asleep during planning, and the night after I actually did haha)
Anyways, its all awesome here, I had to introduce myself in church on Sunday in Japanese, which I failed at but made everyone laugh, so it worked :)
Thanks for your support and I look forward to reading all of your e-mails or letters!
Younger Elder Brooksby
PS I am in the Tokyo South mission (just thought you ought to know)

Todays random story is so random, it comes 4 hours later in a seperate e-mail! (of course I didn't forget :P)
so we were going to the english class that we were going to teach and Elder Bradshaw mentions that he doesn't often come to this section of japan and he doesn't really know the train system there (I have come to find out that he really doesn't know the train system anywhere haha) so we get on the train that we think is the right one and about 3 stops later the voice over the intercom says the next stop. Immediately I could tell we weren't on the right train because of Elder Bradshaw's face.
he leaned over to the person next to him and asked him how to get to Sagamihara. Basically we had gone the opposite direction for quite a while before we realized it. we ended up not being able to drop my bags at the appartment and just barely made it to english class on time.
Luvz to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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