Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An old member lady who comes to english class showed me pictures of a Kiss concert she went to

Trey Brooksby

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Then she flipped the page of the album and showed us a trillion pics of her cats on a desk.
Konbanwa Kazoku!
What's going on? Great week for being alive, ne?
Weekly questions!
How do we weather storms?
We sit at home and call people. Sometimes we dendo too, but nobody is out 'cuz you have to be crazy to walk around in a typhoon.
How's "streeting" going?
Great! I dunno why you put "" marks on it though... It's actually my favorite type of dendo!
Can I understand mostly everything now?
Mostly. The more you learn the more you realize how little you actually do know. But I can get my point across.
What do we do on P-Day? What does P-Day look like?
Pretty much we chill. Most of the time it depends on my companion. I prefer to check out cool stores then go home and sleep, which is what we did today, but Elder Flack most of the time likes to just chill at the apartment. Actually, today we went to this antique weapon shop and checked out sweet looking swords and spears and arrows and armor and shtufts. It was cool. I meant to take pictures but I forgot... Oops...
Do I like the new area?
Yeah it's pretty cool. I learned it all really fast because it is actually pretty small and we street a lot.
Is it getting cold?
Yupp. It sucks. I need to get gloves soon...
Does Kunitachi have a lot of trees?
Not really. Japan is kind of tree-lacking as of this time period. A couple hundred years ago maybe.
Have I gotten lost recently?
Well, just to answer that in a roundabout way, if we know where we are we see it as a problem.
Have I broken my companion yet?
Not yet! I still have about 2 weeks left though. Maybe I can still manage it.
Random Story Time!
We saw a Japanese kid at a streetlight and Elder Flack started talking to him, starting in a Japanese phrase then switching to English. Then the kid answered back in English, so we guessed he was pretty good at it, so we started asking him a ton of questions in English and he could answer them understandably at least, but then he got to a word he wanted to say (arubaito or part-time job) and he went silent for about a minute, then put his head in his hands and shook it back and forth and said "I don't know. I don't know." So Elder Flack felt bad for him and said "daijyobu desu. choto nihongo o dekimasu." meaning "It's okay. I can speak a little Japanese." then he got mad at us (in a friendly way, of course.) and we ended up getting his number and he told us he would come to sports night and English class this week. Just a fun random dendo miracle for you!
I am actually finishing this e-mail Wednesday morning because of some timing and computer problems, but I'll talk to you all later! I'll make it longer next week!
Younger Elder Brooksby
Ps. The pics are of an investigator's baptism and a random traditional style inn and spa we found and it looked pretty cool.

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