Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have discovered the true name of the earth!

It's Idumea. Cool, huh?
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Jeez, it's been a long time, ne? Let's see if I can remember how this "e-mail" thingy works...
First, weekly questions! It's been more than a week, but whatevah, not many anyways haha
How were Christmas and New Years?
楽しいんだ! It was fun! The new years was kinda annoying 'cuz nobody is out, but we got to visit a lot of members over the holidays! We also made Mocchi with some members. Mocchi is just smashed rice, but it gets sticky and really good. And we had a lot of meals, but sadly everyone else was drunk, so we didn't get to do a lot of regular missionary work. Ah well, the good shtufts is what matters, ne?
How do we use the laptop in missionary work?
We don't actually use it a whole lot. We use it to make reports, sometimes e-mail people, organize files and data, use our digital area book and to e-mail on p-day. And watch missionary-made movies sometimes. It's not actually a huge part of our missionary work. And no, we don't use Facebook, in case you were wondering. Also, they will be switching it so that every missionary has a personal I-pad instead of the laptops and we won't have wi-fi in our apartments. Also the security on it is pretty intense, like you can only get on specific sites and that's it. Even the newsroom on is blocked.
Do all missionaries have this option?
Just Japan missions. I'm not sure if it is all Japan missions, or just Tokyo North and South. Not all missionaries have them in their apartments because they will be switching to I-pads, so they haven't bought new ones for a couple transfers, but there is at least one in every area. We have the 4 elders in our apartment and the laptop, but the sisters don't have one so we trade off every time they need it.
Is it approved by the mission president?
No. Of course not! Why would we ever do a thing like that?!?! Nah the mission president is the one who buys them, or at least overseers the purchase of them.
Hey mom! Where in Alaska did you live? Sister Elingson in our area lives in Fairbanks or something like that and I told her I would ask you.
Elder Hoopes told me the day before transfers that I tie ties super intense. I dunno what that means, but now I'm kinda wondering...
Also, would someone mind sending me the P90X workout? Nobody here has it and I gotta start matching my superman shirt!
Random Story Time!
So this is 2 random stories for two reasons, one being it's been a long time since my last ちゃんと e-mail so a lot has happened, and two is that they are kinda short stories.
So the bishop was giving a talk about something I forget, but what I do remember is that he told a story about a guy he had been talking to that was saying "Satan gives presents to little kids and sneaks into people's houses." and he was really confused until he realised that he was trying to say "Santa". The symbols are サタン and サンタ, so just a slight misspelling. It was pretty funny. It doesn't sound as funny typed, huh?
The next story is about a game we played after English class. It is a game where we take people's names and tape them to the back of the students, then they have to go around and ask other students in English a yes-or-no question to try and figure out who it is. We used names like Obama, Barney, Britney Spears, An Elephant and Elder Brooksby. The funniest part of it is that the lady who had my name on it went up to Elder Hoopes and one of the sister missionaries and asked "Is he handsome?" and Elder Hoopes and I were dying of laughter as the sister was trying to figure out a proper way to answer her. She just said "I can't really say..." It was an epic moment. So yeah.
Random spiritual advice: Go read only the questions in the book of Mormon. Take them out of context, re-apply them to yourself, whatever makes it work, but its pretty epic and really cool. I am making a list of them and writing them down, and I get a ton of revelation from it. It's a great self-checker.
Anyways, loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

My new companion, Elder Stevens

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