Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Try and explain the difference between an ocean and a sea in a different language...

It's one of the two things that has ever stumped me for longer than 5
minutes in English Class, the other being the difference between
autumn and fall. Don't worry, I figured it out in the end!

Konnichiwa, kazoku!

How's it hangin', my homies? Do you miss the Younger Elder Brooksby's
epic e-mails yet? Don't worry, here's another to keep you alive!

Weekly Questions!

Did I watch conference yet?
Nope. The Japanese version will come out and we will all watch it this
Saturday and Sunday. I could watch it now on, but I think I'll
wait with everyone else haha

There have been questions about how much my companion and I get along
and I wanna say that we are from different countries and cultures, but
we understand each other well enough to work together. If there are
any problems with this current companionship they are on my side and
I'm doing my best to fix my trillion problems. Elder Otsuka is
actually the one with the difficult companion now haha

Other questions were a little scarce this week, but that doesn't mean
a lack of communication haha

Every time a missionary schedules something, if they look at their
calendar when scheduling it will be clear, but if they assume it's
clear and don't look, there always happens to be the one thing you
forgot exactly at that time. Elder Otsuka screwed over the zone
leaders for transfers 'cuz he accidentally scheduled his last
appointment with the hospital on transfer day. Check the schedule! It
saves headaches!

Random Story Time!

We had another lesson with an old guy the other day and it went
beastly. In the beginning Elder Otsuka was talking a little too much,
but he caught on to the spirit and we started to trade off and all of
a sudden, that eternal investigator turned into an almost progressing
investigator. The real story though, is a story of how the spirit
gives you the gift of tongues and how it's not always as helpful as
you would hope. Right when we caught he spirit, Elder Otsuka asked an
awesome question and the old guy started talking about who knows what,
ocean currents and pretty mountains with beaches, nothing too
difficult to understand, when he said something that I could tell was
nowhere near anything any normal Japanese person would think of to say
in several years plus, and Elder Otsuka and the old guy both turned to
me and were like, "Dang, he won't understand that! Grab a dictionary!"
But I was all thinking "Avalanche? Nah that's not it..." And then I
thought of something completely random that felt right and I asked "Is
it a water purification plant?"
Needless to say, it was word-for-word the dictionary definition and I
was slightly perplexed at why I get the gift of tongues for "water
purification plant" and not "commandment" when I was a young
missionary, but I guess God just has an interesting sense of humor,

Oh also, I sent out "The Book of Brooksby" today. I am gonna be
writing chapters for personal study 'cuz it actually helps me get
personal revelation really powerfully and easily, but if any of you
aren't interested, let me know! Also, if you have a suggested topic
for the next chapter, that would be sweet too!

Peace and loves!
Younger Elder Brooksby
Ps. I'm sticking everyone in the same e-mail from now on 'cuz it's
easier to sort and write that way

Look everyone! A plastic-wrapped flying fish!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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