Thursday, July 24, 2014

The saddest title I have received...

I was called "Delicate" by an English class student when we were eating with him. It's not too bad, though, 'cuz in Japanese it doesn't have the same feeling and it's more of a complement, but still! "Pretty-boy", as in a guy who likes cooking and dancing and arranging flowers, is also a complement.

Konnichiwa, minasan!

Transfer calls today! This was the first time I've ever had a preference for them, which was to stay, but you will have to wait and see what happened! It's pretty wild, actually!

Weekly Questions!

Why am I so cute?
I would say I was born that way, but that wouldn't quite be true because I've been told it increases every day.

What color is my toothbrush?
Well sad thing is that I used the same toothbrush until it died, and that one was green, but my current one is blue. I've had it in a plastic bag since the MTC.

What did I eat for lunch today?
I got a bento or boxed lunch from a convenience store. It had four or five different types of sushi in it. I got a Sprite too.

Who is my favorite super hero and why?
Wolverine because he has unlimited defense and almost unlimited attack, so he can never die and can still get stuff done, but he's not all-powerful.

What do I want to say to my Dad for Father's day?
Happy Fathers Day! I didn't know you cared so much about me calling you Fatman that you felt the need to loose weight, but good job! Keep at it!

Do I like Grape Nuts with peanut butter? Do they have grape nuts there?
Mmm.... I haven't had it in a while, but I kinda remember it tasting like sand... And no, that's an American thing.

Has there been a kind of fruit there that I get to eat that isn't in America?
There's a melon that's just straight up called a melon that doesn't exist in America. It's a very interesting flavor and they use it in everything, but I don't think I've ever had it in the original form.

How's the weather?
It's gotten somewhat-hot-humid, but it's not too bad. He real problem is that because it's warm outside and these crazy Utah'ns can't stand it, they always set the temp. to 18 degrees Celsius, so it's way cold. I think that's 50 degrees Fahrenheit? I haven't used that in a while though...

What's been my biggest memory this week that I will probably remember for the rest of my life?
Ooohhh, that one is hard.... To answer, that is. I know what it is, but it's not something I'll just send in a mass email haha. Heck, I would hardly send it in a private e-mail to my older brother. If he asks after my mission about it and I really do remember, here may be a slight chance that I tell him about it, especially depending on the effects of said memory.

If you could be perfect at one Christlike attribute, what would it be and why?
Either faith or charity and love. I think that faith would be way epic and it kinda boosts all other attributes, but I've only recently realized how important charity and love are, and I've never been particularly good at it. It's like, faith gives you the ability to do things, but charity and love are the motivations to do them, ne? Which is better? Is one really better than the other?

Where is my camera?
It's in my bag? I don't use it a ton 'cuz I am really bad at taking pictures, but we went to the zoo today and I used it a lot there, at the request of my dear mother!

Yoshiyoshi! Good shtufts! I hardly ever feel tired anymore! It's only when the other elders mention it that I notice it, and physically I still am, but I am doing awesome right now!

Elder Otsuka said "I could do that! Oh dang, that one is on a whole other level. Dang, this girl has heavenly powers!" Whilst I was showing him pictures of the food sculptures that my crazy little sister has made. I wish I had asked her to do shtufts like that more often!

~~~~~~~~~~Transfer Updates!!!~~~~~~~~~~
1.Elder Kennedy stays!
2.Elder Otsuka stays for his fifth transfer here!
3.Elder Bates stays!
4.Sister Hokanson stays!
5.Sister Matsumoto goes to Shonan! Too bad...
6.She is being replaced by Sister Blake, who is second transfer and I don't think I've met her before.
7.Younger Elder Brooksby stays! Yoshiyoshi! Made my day!

That's not quite set in stone 'cuz President Wada is "a man who can receive revelation in four hours", as Elder Otsuka puts it.

Random Story Time!
Japanese people are crazy partiers! True, most of that is because they are "slightly" drunk and they don't party extremely often, but still, I think that they beat out America for craziness! We were invited to a festival by our English class student, the same one that called me delicate, so we went and I was amazed! Sadly, we had to leave somewhat early because we also had to make it to Game Night, but I wish I had had more time and freedom to just wander and meet people and play games and eat food and almost get run over by the crazy drunk guys who were carrying a shrine on their shoulders and shaking it up and down and chanting and walking down the street blowing whistles and shtufts. It was sweet.

Alright, I think that's about it! I'll throw In a bit of spiritual shtufts, just so you know I'm not just messing around here! 
Nowhere in ancient or modern scripture, at least as far as I'm aware, is perfection equated with being the best at everything. No, true perfection is doing everything you are capable of to the best of your abilities. There is no justified condemnation for failing a task because of a lack of knowledge or physical capability. In a way, those with a lack of those resources have that much more potential to achieve perfection.

Loves and pieces!!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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