Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just one more level!

I have learned how to do two layers of the Rubik's cube but I don't
have the algorithms for the last level! It's annoying...

Heyo peoples!

We just got back from a fun day of temple and shopping and are glad to
get to relax for a bit!

Weekly Questions!

What do Japanese people do for their Independence Day?  Do they have
one? What day is Independance day for them?
Nothing, nope, I don't think they really do one. I think they
celebrate the emperor's birthday, but that changes with the emperor,

Can I see pictures posted on Facebook?
We're supposed to block the posts from people who might be
distracting, but we're allowed to keep our family members and cousins,
Japanese people, people living in Japan and people back home that we
can help stay active or help re-activate, so yes, from those people I
can see posts and pictures. We're also allowed to like
missionary-work-related posts and pictures as well. If any Japanese
members message us about missionary work related shtufts, we can
answer that, as well as any messages any non-members send us. The
rules on being alone with girls doesn't really apply 'cuz it's over
the internet as well, but our companions have to watch our screens, or
at least be where they can see it easily, and they also have to
proof-read anything we send, just for safety's sake.

What is my favorite Japanese word?
Sora or sola, meaning sky. Ima name my first daughter that, after
consulting with my wife, obviously.

Is there any fruit here that I don't remember in the states?
There's a fruit called melon that is just melon, not watermelon or
honeydew or anything like that. It doesn't exist in America as far as
I'm aware, but they flavor everything after it here.

Who is the first person I want to talk to when I am excited about something?
Right here right now, I would want to talk with my favorite member,
but most of the time I would just talk with my companion 'cuz he's
always accessible, while my favorite member is not.

Do I want to build a snowman?
That would be great, but it might be a little hard at this time of year, ne?

What holidays do they celebrate in Japan?
Lots of them, but really, I think there aren't as many as in America.
The only one that I can think of that is kinda the same is Valentines
day. Oh wait, they have Mother's Day and Father's Day too, but there
is also a children's day, which I don't remember having in America.
They kinda celebrate other big ones that we do in America, like
Halloween or Christmas, but it's more of a commercialized thing and
they don't know what they come from or what they mean. Other ones
include Boys day, White Day(reverse Valentines Day), the star
festival, old people's day, green day, etc. etc.

How long do I want to live in Japan after I finish my mission if I do?
Would I like to live here to teach English?
I dunno... I think I wanna do some schooling in America, then maybe
finish up in Japan, or maybe I'll just stick to America, or maybe I'll
just come straight back after getting on the plane. I'm just planning
on seeing how life goes and riding the wave of blessings into eternal
life and exaltation and maybe some fun adventures along the way. I
think a lot depends on what happens during the rest of my mission as
well, so we'll see! But if I come back here some of the options I've
thought that I could do would be to live in America but come here for
business trips and shtufts, or I could live here permanently and visit
America occasionally, or I could just live half and half in both
places, which would be cool too.

What's my favorite spice here?
Mmm? I dunno what spices are in anything, so I don't really have any
idea what my favorite would be... Elder Bates says curry should be my
favorite 'cuz curry is a spice. I didn't know that.

Who is a hero I have in the scriptures?
Aaron, Moses' little brother. He screwed up a couple of times, but he
ended up being one of the greatest supports to one of the greatest
prophets. I look to be a great support to people and don't get down
just 'cuz I mess up every so often, even if sometimes it's a big
enough mistake that they end up creating new mission rules because of
me. I've done that before haha

How tall am I now? And how do they measure here?
I'm about 183 cm or 6 feet almost exactly, which kinda answers both
questions, ne?

Sunday was fast Sunday, so when people bear their testimonies I like
to take notes to better pay attention, 'cuz it's kinda hard to do when
everybody's speaking in Japanese, but I don't know a lot of their
names, so I'll give them funny nicknames in my notes to remember them,
like "Old Samurai Turtle Guy" or "Cocker Spaniel Lady" based on their
appearance or activities I've seen them do. Here are a bit of inspired
words from MeroMan: Are the fun memories worth the unpleasant ones?
The good greater than the trial? The growth greater than the pain? The
message worth the fight? Everything you see, hear, feel and learn
should be geared towards becoming a better person.

Random Story Time!
We were going down our regular route and got to the end which is a
convenience store, where we normally stop by and get a drink or snack
or maybe use the restroom before we head back into town. Andywaydids,
we were entering when we saw a guy with funny looking hair standing
outside smoking a cigarette, so obviously we said hello as we entered.
He said hello back and we complemented his English pronunciation as
the sliding door closed behind us, so we forgot about it and went
about our regular business. As we went to walk out the door we saw the
man standing next to his car in front of the door holding some papers,
and as we walked out he held them out to Elder Bates and said "Here,
this is for you!" And gave them to Elder Bates. It was a big file
concerning research on testing cosmetics on guinea pigs with all the
math and biology involved, which he explained was research he himself
conducted as a senior scientist at his company, which is actually
based in definitely the most sketchy section of Tokyo, which pretty
much guarantees the most in all of Japan. Anyways, he then pulled out
some drawings which I was going to take a picture of and send, but I
forgot, but they were pictures of math and biology and science drawn
as art with random other anagrams and crosswords that the dude made
up, and it was actually pretty intense looking. Then he told us to go
back in the store and print off copies of one of them for all of us,
then ended up giving us four other ones as well. He basically ended up
writing us his business cards on the back of some other business cards
and inviting us to eat yaki-tori(Fried Bird?) with him sometime. That
guy had green, purple, gray and white hair, green fingernails, some
with sparkly stones on them, some without, an old watch with
spray-painted rainbows on it and zebra striped shoes. He was quite the

For game night this week we held a tournament of nine people, each
person playing two games, each against a different person, and by the
end only Ai-chan and myself had own both matches, so we faced each
other and I gained from that epic ping-pong match the nickname "The
Ping-Pong Zombie". Who do you think won? She was a fair opponent,
regardless of the result! I guess being in Japan around all these
Asians just gives you a bit of ping-pong ability. I wonder how well my
family members have been keeping up their skills!

Younger Elder Brooksby

心理と恵みって、何のコンビネーションですか?I dunno which characters to put together how...
And be nice!

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