Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My companion is doing drugs on the train

Trey Brooksby

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Pills, powder, only thing now is smoke it!
Sorry about the day-late e-mail... but today was temple day, so it was worth it, ne?
First things first, Questions people have asked me over the week.
Do members feed us?
Heck yeah they do! Last night we were planning on working around a park until 6:00 then making food at the apartment, but a member called us up and invited us over! we had a ball and it was really good food :) We have eaten at at least 2 members houses each week for the last 3 weeks, so it is actually fairly often.
What do I think about moving to North Carolina?
Well I actually read that e-mail from mom yesterday, and when I read it, it felt right I guess haha. Like I mentioned before, I will prolly just end up moving to Japan after my mission anyways :P
Weirdest food I've eaten?
mmm... Not much weird food here... other than the regular raw fish and squid and such... Oh hey mom you'll get a kick out of this! so we were walking around Costco, which is like all-American food so missionaries love it, and we saw a sample table so we go over to it and the guy gives us some raw salmon on a toothpick! It was delicious! anyways, the weirdest food would probably be nato, or fermented soybeans, which really isn't that bad but it is really slimy and smells bad, or so I've heard, so most people don't notice the good taste it actually has.
Funniest "What are they saying?" moment?
I don't think I've had too many of those... There was one time during ward council where I wasn't paying attention to the conversation and then all of a sudden I start hearing the words "Root Beer" every so often, so I was really confused haha
What is the mission president like?
I haven't actually met him that much, maybe 3-4 times? He seems pretty cool though. He is a convert and he is really all about the Book of Mormon, so that's our mission focus right now.
In regards to the title, Elder Gallacher had had a bad cold and somehow his ears got infected, so the doctor gave him a bunch of meds he has to test for the next 4 days at every meal. They are supposed to make him drowsy, so we may be doing a lot of inside dendo this week.
Random Story Time!!!
So Elder Gallacher and I had decided to visit a member and a less-active the ward had asked us to visit, but they were on the other side of our area. So for some reason, we decided to ride our bikes after dinner there, so it was getting dark, not to mention the random thunderstorm that started right after we got out our front door. Anyways, we get going and notice the rain start picking up, so Elder Gallacher who is leading starts speeding up so we don't get too wet, but at a certain point in this trip the sidewalk turns smooth, and of course Elder Gallacher doesn't slow down for smooth and wet sidewalks! We are racing down the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians and random cars that pop out of garages, when we hit this smooth part. We were going fine for the first 500 meters or so, but then Elder Gallacher hits a small dip and his

bike slips out from under him, he almost hits a telephone pole, hits the ground, rolls, then slides on the ground (luckily still smooth) about 6-7 feet, narrowly avoiding a group of teenagers. meanwhile, the second I see him start to go over( | ), I apply my brakes slowly so I don't run him over, but my bike starts to turn sideways ( / ) so I turn my wheel the direction I am sliding in and end up the other direction ( \ ) but by then I had slowed down enough to stay up and stop, but overall the scene looked pretty awesome! We wished I had had my camera out and recording, but if I had I would have gone over as well. Neither of us were hurt, but it made us travel a lot slower the rest of the way haha
Another fun fact from this past week is that my companion thinks I talk too much. How weird is that, ne? And the funniest thing is that it is true! I was talking a ton at the time (when he mentioned it I talked less) but he likened me to the kid from Jurassic Park I.
I also broke my camera screen somehow, so when I turn it on only half the screen shows up :S
Also another random word I had known before my mission: Biyo meaning beauty
Luvs to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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