Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Elder Petersen speaks mumble

Trey Brooksby

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And I am the only one who understands him
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Whazzupp? Tona stuff going on in sagamihara this week! Tell you all about it after questions.
Is my mission president cool?
Of course! He is pretty intense.
How often do I see/talk to him?
About 3-5 times a transfer prolly.
Has he grown my testimony in anything specific?
He is very oriented in the Bookof Mormon 'cause he is a convert and it was his main point during his conversion. It has for sure made me realize a lot about the BoM I didn't know before and has strengthened my testimony on that.
How are the beds? Do we sleep on the ground?
Of course not! We sleep on futons in a room with a straw mat floor called "Tatami" They aren't as comfortable as beds, but its not too bad haha
I saw an ad the other day that I didn't really get. It had the numbers "5539" and "Go! Go! Thank you!" and a weird picture of an eye. It was strange, but I understand it a little more when I don't think "five five three nine" like an american and think "Go Go San Kyu" japanese version.
Random Story Time!
So Ame chan got baptized yesterday! I don't have pics 'cuz Elder Bradshaw has them... anyways, So the story is that the night before the baptism we got a call from Taneoka kyodai, our ward mission leader, asking(telling) us to sing for the baptismal service as the musical number. Then, that next morning on the way over to the church we were all like, "What song do we wanna sing?" then we go into a random room during priesthood meeting (which had actually been a combined meeting about missionary work and all the missionaries were gone) and said "Lets do 'I am a child of God', first verse Japanese, second verse English, third verse whatever the heck you want", then they asked me how any other missionaries were coming. Thats a bad idea 'cuz I have the worst memory ever. Anyways, I listed off the people I knew for sure were coming and obviously ended up completely off. We had us 4 sagamihara elders, the two Tama elders with their two investigators, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Orton, and Elder Rindie come, and we had warned none of them about the fact that all the missionaries were going to sing. So brother Taneoka announces that the elders are going to sing and I remember "Oh dangit, we don't have hymn books!" So elder Hoshino and I run off to grab some while the other elders are standing in the front looking confused along with the congregation, then we show up with hymn books and say "I am a child of God one Japanese two English 3 whatever" and line up. Then we are about to start and Elder Rindy asks who is playing the piano... mmmm.... hey random girl in the congregation! You can play piano! come play for us!
But thats not all folks! We start our song finally and we sound alright, but at the end of the 2nd verse brother Taneoka leans forward and taps one of the elders on the shoulder and tells us to turn around. After some confusion we all end up facing the stand away from the congregation singing in random languages. I think Elder Petersen even broke into some Japanese Sign Language. It was very interesting
Thats about it!
Loveds to youse alls!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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