Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thanksgiving means DRAGONS!!!

Trey Brooksby

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The sisters heart-attacked our door and drew a dragon instead of a turkey 'cuz I like dragons. 11/28/13
Konbanwa, kazoku!
Lots of fun shtufts going on this week and for some reason right now I can't write properly... It looks fine because I'm backspacing a lot.
Weekly Questions!
How is Suzuki doing?(This question was asked about 4 times, so it goes first)
He is doing awesome! He has amazing faith and understanding, and amazing desire to change. He is stronger than even a lot of the members I know here, not that the members are weak, ne? He will be going in to the hospital on Monday and will be there for 3 months for rehab, during which time he will basically have no communication with the outside world, then he will have about a month and a half more at home with supervision, so he will be unable to be baptized until about 3 months from now, if he survives that is, ne? He says he will read the Book of Mormon to receive God's help, but he definitely could use some prayer power to help him out.
How is the training going?
Going good, I think! His name is Elder Sawyer, by the way. I think the real point of it is to keep the new missionary from getting the old missionary mentality, which I think we have done pretty well. Keep the faith up, ne? It's way fun though.
(Quick note, it's getting a little late so I might just cut out randomly and send this with a signature, then finish the rest this Monday)
Is there a standard greenie mistake? Did I make it?
Not really... The only thing that a lot of greenies mess up is the bike/pedestrian/sidewalk culture, but I caught onto that one pretty quickly.
Do we sleep on the floor or on beds?
A combination of the two, ne? We sleep on futons on the floor unless you live at the honbu(mission office) in the which case you get beds.
Do we cook for ourselves? Have I cooked?
Yeah we cook for ourselves. I cook all the time! I have made Okonomiyaki, Mabudofu, Pancakes, Japanese Curry, Indian Curry, Stew, Gyoza, and a couple others because I am a master chef! haha
What do we have for "treat?
I don't really understand the question, but I will answer in the way I think you mean. We often have bread from the bakery down the road for like, snacks and shtufts, but mainly because we have a PI there.
Is it getting cold?
Yes. Don't remind me again. Please.
Do I have the Japanese language down yet?
Heck yeah. I am fluent haha nah but seriously, I understand about 80% of conversations and I can say what I want except for the occasional odd word, like smuggling for example.
Have I named my bike yet? Does it have stickers on it?
Nah, that's your guys' job! And I haven't found any cool decorations for it yet. Not to mention I have only used my bike 2 times in the last 2 months.
We have recently discovered that I say either "whatever" or "and stuff" to end almost every sentience, and I was just told this two days ago so I haven't been able to catch myself doing it yet, but every so often Elder Hoopes and Sawyer will start counting and shtufts. Also, one of the sisters told me that my inflections in my voice are extremely entertaining because I don't fluctuate when other people would, and I go extreme on completely normal word of something like that. Apparently I am just entertaining to listen to.
Random Story Time!
This week's story will be a little short because Elder Hoopes wishes to e-mail his parents soon.
So we watched a movie in church on Sunday and for some reason, it is very entertaining to watch church movies in Japanese, but we watched the movie about Lorenzo Snow preaching about tithing, but that wasn't even the funniest part. We watched it on a VHS. It was epic. They had to rewind it before we could watch it. Notsugashii! Nostalgic shtufts...
Thats it!
Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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