Wednesday, July 23, 2014

They are trying to kill us with desks!

Have I mentioned that the English speakers get the biggest desks, the nicest classrooms, the least amount of books, and are only here 1.5/4th of the time that we are?
O-hayo gozaimasu, kazoku!
so I don't really know what to start with, so I'll just start typing. or not....
So we are getting another shimai on top of the one we already have, so we will have 12 desks and will be pretty crowded... but it will be fun :)
        (nihonjin/native japanese)
The new 日本人 came in yesterday, and its kinda strange cuz some of them speak really good English. It kinda kills a bit of the fun we have, trying to communicate, but oh well haha
Random story time!
So we get a lot of random stuff in the free bins that people leave behind, such as unopened shampoo, a blow-up captain America toy, mustache glasses, shoes, even a classic Russian trench coat, which Peters choro may not take with him, in which case I will. So one of our best scores was a Nerf basketball and a mini basketball hoop which we set up in our room and play basketball. so anyways, one time Peters choro goes to dunk the ball by throwing it against the wall behind the hoop, jumping and catching it, then dunking it. Now, our basketball hoop is set up above our door, which has a fire escape plan screwed into the front of it, so as Peters choro goes to dunk the ball, he gets really close and his elbow comes down on one of the screws. Lots of blood and missing skin. we all laughed. it was great.
We have investigators that we teach every day, and it is intense trying to plan for the lessons sometimes, but helps a bunch when we get in there haha
So apparently there is some big devotional happening on the 23rd at the Marriott center. There will be around 2,200 people singing in the choir, 1,100 missionaries and 1,100 members, one of which will be me :) the prophet will be there and a bunch of the apostles as well. Its gonna be intense, so you guys should watch it if you can. There's gonna be something going down on the 27th as well, but I don't really know much about that either, but it will prolly be pretty cool.
Start asking for specific stories! its hard to think of things to write to you guys about, and I have stories about pretty much everything.
Oh my doryo just reminded me that tomorrow we have skype TRC's, which is crazy stuff. TRC stands for training recource center or something like that for those of you who don't know. for English speakers members come in and act as investigators, but for us foreign speakers, its more of a FHE lesson to members in our language, but with these skype TRC's we will be speaking with native 日本人, some of which may possibly not be members, which is kinda freaky. It will be fun though :)
oh and Tanner, these 2 years will be different, but the Lagiacrus will have to wait for the lords work for me here and in japan to be finished before it can be slain. Enjoy yourself though! I'm thinking about you.
13 days left and I will be in Tokyo! Awesome stufchs..... can't wait to accutally talk to real investigators and ask if I can teach them a short dinner and will they please give me their fridge number so I can live with them.
Also, let me know if you want a bunch of spiritual stufts or more what is happening in the life of *me*
Random inspirational scripture for Elder and Sister Brooksby, 3 Nephi 13: 25-34. It helps some of the shimai in my district when they start freaking out about leaving to japan and will help you guys maybe :)
Anyways, Love you and be chill!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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