Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Elder Flack: "I misinterpreted a word. He's drunk."

Trey Brooksby

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Younger Elder Brooksby: "I could have told you that but I thought you knew." So we brought a drunk dude to our Halloween party.
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
How's the Japanese coming?
Lots of shtufts to write about this week, but first answering questions!
How am I doing? Am I happy?
I'm doing good and doing great, or at least I aspire to be! I can say my physical and mental health are great, but I can only try to do good.
Am I growing?
Nah, I have actually lost weight recently... DANGIT I NEED TO EAT MORE PEANUT BUTTER!
Am I learning?
Yeah tons everyday! Both experiences and nihongo, which are both incredibly important, I guess.
Am I becoming a better man every day?
These all sound like mommy questions for sure haha. I like to think so but I must say I make more mistakes than not BUT I don't ever make the same one twice. That's a policy of mine. Only 989,235,726,667,226,371 to go!
Dad you gotta quit with the mimicry. You can't just go "Random Story Time!" then write your e-mail like normal until the end when you stick a title on your name. It just doesn't work. And chew with your mouth closed.
We have some interesting times together as missionaries. Missionaries are some of the weirdest people out there. Example: During a game in eikaiwa I hear Elder Orton explaining to a 9 year old little girl "So an amoeba is..." completely normal-like. Another story for missionaries: There is a man who lives in Togane called the Togane Pirate who wears spandex tights, various different capes, wears gigantic hats and rides around on a really crappy bike all day. So obviously, missionaries try and talk to him often! Elder Flack has met this man and he related a part of what the Togane Pirate said: "Look at me! I made this hat! I don't need anyone, I don't need God, I made this hat!" Another story from Elder Orton: "So I was talking to Sister Wells and she asked "Do you like built girls?" and I said "Well, I like it when girls are strong and can do physical activities like sports and stuff, but if they are ripped or if they have a six pack, that's kinda weird..." then Sister Wells said "... I have a six pack..." then I went and got more cake."
Random Story Time!
So Elder Orton is the zone leader so he has to go on splits with all the district leaders and all the new missionaries, which is basically everyone in our zone except the shimai, and our zone is actually the largest in Japan at the moment. So anyways, he leaves at around 5:00 to go to pick up Elder Bradshaw, then we get a phone call at around 6:00 from Elder Orton and he says "I lost Elder Bradshaw and I thought I should tell someone." so we were like, what can we do about it? then went to give out fliers by the train station like we had already planned(even though it was raining buckets and holding out the flier for 1 second would cause it to disintegrate). Then we get a call from Elder Orton at about 6:45 and he says "Well, I still haven't found him so I can come to the train station and we can look for him together, because I should probably have a companion." So we wait for about 30 minutes and talk with some potential investigator bread-making lady until Elder Orton shows up and us 3 go off to look for the missing missionary. Long story short, we wandered through stations for about 2 hours trying to find her until we finally find him chillin' at the end of the platform Elder Orton lost him on. It had more details, but I am lazy and Elder Lohner wants to write soon, so I won't take his time.
We had a fun experience walking down a dark alleyway and hear an American voice behind us saying "You two wouldn't happen to be missionaries, would you?" and talked to him for about a hour or so, but it was kinda freaky when it happened. He was actually a less-active member who had been a missionary in Japan 20 years ago. It was interesting and pretty cool
We also talked to a kid on a train who was Chinese, spoke English, had a British accent, and was in Japan. It was way funny 'cuz Elder Orton was trying to figure out some math problem, but he said it aloud in English and the kid solved it for him.
Anyways, Thanks for reading! Love you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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