Wednesday, July 23, 2014

That's one nickname I thought I'd never get...

But I have officially been nicknamed "Elder Smiley" by a member today.
She says it's not always big, but it's always there. Then she called
me a cheater because she didn't get to use my two in dominoes.

Heyo, kazoku!

I fell like there's some kind of conspiracy going on, 'cuz I got quite
a bit of questions this week... Let's get started, shall we?

What am I gonna do for my birthday?
What? My birthday? That's still over a month away! Prolly just a
regular day, but I think it actually falls on a P-day, so if Elder
Otsuka and I are still companions we're gonna make a cake! Hence the
frosting. Chocolate is awesome. Oh, and cotton. That too. Other than
that, though, I don't think I have any plans... But did you know I
have a high chance of being a returned missionary at age 19? I left
two weeks after my birthday and my first transfer was 3 weeks short,
so it's actually pretty likely. That would be epic though, ne?

If I had a billion dollars, what would I do with it?
Well, nothing for the next year, but after I got back I would get an
apartment, a trillion books I've never read, a sweet kick-butt
computer, get a wardrobe full of black clothes, then start a business
that rates music and books in the same way movies are rated, as well
as a summary similar to kids-in-mind, in that order.

Any news on my rehab friend(Suzuki)?
I'm not in frequent contact with the other elders, but as far as I
know, he was transferred to a different hospital in the Takao area and
we don't know when he'll be out. I have asked, but they don't have
much more information than that. BUT! We will be getting updates from
the Takao elders every so often and I will FOR SURE be told when his
baptism is, so I'm not too worried. I will be asking about him soon,

What is Takoda getting for his birthday?
Well, I've bought the present, but the real question is WHEN he's
getting it, 'cuz I haven't sent it yet... I have had most of it packed
and ready to go, I just need to put it in a big box, put a mailing
slip on it, and take it to the post office.

Do I feel older?
Nah. I've always felt mentally mature, at least mostly. It does feel
like my body is catching sync with the rest of me a bit, but not
anything incredible.

Do I like my hair short or long?
That right there hits on the biggest weakness of mine on my mission.
My long hair is basically the only thing I miss from America, that and
my clothes and personality. My family is cool and all, but I know it's
there even if I'm not...

Do I feel like I've changed a lot on my mission?
I'm a completely different person. My personality is 100%(okay, maybe
only 90%...) a different person. I actually bug myself sometimes,
especially 'cuz I won't stop talking. It gets on my nerves. And my
face hurts from all the smiling. Basically, when I came on my mission
I thought up the most effective missionary personality I could and
became it. I'm planning on scrapping most of it when I get home, but
there are a couple things I'll prolly keep, like Japanese or reading
the scriptures every day, for example.

Do I have memories of dad or mom teaching me that's helped me on my mission?
Well, prolly not memories, per se, but I will say this, dad definitely
helped me to be able to deal with stubborn and unreasonable people
really well.

How often do I get to go to the temple?
Generally missionaries go once a transfer, or every month and a half.
The last time I went was prolly about two or three weeks ago.

Have I broken anyone lately?
My companion. Not really my fault, but he brokeded. He has a major
tooth infection that we've been to the dentist twice and the hospital
once for, and we'll be headed back in May, which appointment will put
him out of action for 2-3 days. So far, of my 10 companions I've had,
only Elder Hoshino and Elder Flack were undamaged. That's a good 80%,
ne? Become companions with Younger Elder Brooksby, you have a 20%
chance of survival!

Aaaaand that's it for questions! That was actually decently enjoyable.

Random Story Time!
This week for English class we had one of the students cut up a raw
fish for us and explain he process in English! It was really just an
excuse for everyone to mess around and have fun for a bit but it was
pretty cool. Anyways, before English class our English class
coordinator told all us missionaries to bring our own fish so that we
could do it too, but I'm not really into being in front of people and
being the center of attention, so I ever-so-slyly set it up so that
the sisters brought two fish, but the elders only brought one squid,
which in case you're wondering, you can eat squid raw. Go figure!
Anyways, it was all going good until the main act started going a bit
late and ended with only enough time for one more, so that meant our
squid. Sadly, before I could say anything, I was elected to cut a raw
squid with only verbal instructions and no experience in front of 15+
people, so obviously I did beast and owned that squid, although I kept
freaking everyone out 'cuz I put my fingers on the blade of the knife
instead of around the handle, but they survived. It was annoying and
entertaining and I now know how to cut a squid into sushi like a boss.

That's all I can think of for now... Thanks for reading!

Younger Elder Brooksby

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