Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We sleep and plan and study on straw mats

And we have recently found out that Elder Sawyer is allergic to it!
Konbanwa, Kazoku!
Whazzuzuzpps? It feels like I haven't had anyone e-mail me this week with questions... Oh that's right, everybody is in Korea! haha silly me...
Anyways, sweet shufts and shtufts. Loving dendo. Not a whole lot of big events or anything that is extremely notable happened this week. Suzuki has entered rehab now and we won't hear anything from him until about 1.5 weeks from now. We went to Costco and were bummed that they didn't have root beer or mac'n'cheese(I wasn't so bummed on the mac'n'cheese, but I won't tell the other elders that). Good shtufts.
Random Story Time!
So we had a slight misunderstanding with the ward about the sister missionaries in our area and so we have basically been trying to limit correspondence with them to minimize misunderstandings, but often they have to come over to our apartment building to get the computer when we aren't using it. So one of our first steps was to cut the amount of time we spend talking to them at the door by having the computer ready to go and only one person going to the door to give it to them, but it hasn't been working the greatest. Of specific mention, we assigned Elder Hoopes to be on door duty, so he went with the one-word answers to try and shorten the conversation, so here is how it went:
Shimai "I like your tie"
Elder Hoopes "Thanks"
Shimai "I like your watches too! How many do you have anyways?"
Elder Hoopes "36"
Shimai "Wow, that's a lot! Where did you get them all?"
Elder Hoopes "Online when I was in America"
Shimai "That's way cool! What do I have a lot of? hmmm..."
Elder Sawyer and I think "Oh shoot, here it comes.... He's screwed...."
Elder Hoopes "You have a lot of faith... and virtue..."
Yupp. Classic. We wished we had recorded it haha. Elder Hoopes' attempt was short but messy, mine was long and clean, and Elder Sawyer has yet to try his short and clean approach yet, but I'll keep you up to date. AVOIDING SISTER MISSIONARIES, IT'S A THING
Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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