Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Everyone says it is great, but it is really only decent. Good food is decent and bad food is decent. all over decent.
Tell takoda I said hi and that I will pray for him and we get ice cream every day hahaha
So this week I gave my first blessing to one of the しまい in our district, Gibbs しまい. It was actually pretty cool, really unlike a prayer. I felt more like all I had to do was start a sentience and the spirit would finish it, which was really cool haha cuz otherwise I wouldn't have known what to say...
One of our 2 investigators that we teach here dropped us cuz a lot of our district wasn't working as hard as they could have been, or I guess some of us weren't taking it seriously, so that was a bit of a "you all suck to high heaven and you will fail as missionaries" moment for us haha
we actually broke 2 records at the same time, the first being an entire district being dropped at once and second is that we were unable to go back to teach them to learn why they dropped us.
                                                                                                                                                             (choro)                                                                                                                  (sensei)
It kinda woke up most of us (I think I had already realized that we sucked, so I think me and Peters ちょろ were actually doing decently) but it was freaky at the same time cuz our 先生 is this really big guy who could kill any of us with one hand and he was ticked haha
So random story time!
Peters ちょろ gets bored at night sometimes, so he goes to visit other rooms in our dorms. so anyways, this night he goes to the Nihonjin room to talk to them. Eventually, long story short, they had a party with 30+ elders, some in towels or with shaving cream on their faces, 5 different flashlights and a strobe light, and some very freaked out nihonjin haha
The oddest part was that in the middle of this 10 minute party they all start chanting "shuchu, shuchu, shuchu" which means focus haha
So rules were broken, but it was all good cuz me and Hutchings ちょろ were chilling in our room and anyways, our zone leaders were part of the party haha
Thanks for your guys prayers and I pray for all of you all the time, expecially Takoda right now :)
Younger Elder Brooksby

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