Thursday, July 24, 2014

The miracle phrase!

"I've always wanted to know more about you guys. Is there a Book about
Mormons?", a great thing to hear when you hardly ever get a chance to
give out the book about Mormons! Elder Bates just pulled it out and
said "Here it is. D'ya want it?" And the kid was like "What, really?
Thanks! I gotta go, but thanks for this!" And he's gonna get baptized.
We only talked for about 3 minutes.

Heyo, everybody!

Weekly Questions!

What is your opinion on writing missionaries?
Please do! They love letters! As far as reading emotional shtufts into
the fact that you are writing a missionary, I think that it means
almost nothing past the fact that you deem them worthy of a couple
minutes of your time each week. You could very well be anywhere from
counting down the days until they get home, you could just be bored,
or you could be grounded from everything except writing missionaries,
which would be odd.

What is your opinion on pets?
Pets are sweet. I like puppies and cats, but not dogs or kittens as
much. A caged pet is cool too, like a snake or a bird, or even a
tarantula if you wanted one. I also think that pets are also a great
way to give kids a responsibility that they really care for, instead
of one they just have to do before they can play, like chores.

How is life in Japan? How was my week? Did anything exciting happen?
These questions basically repeated each other, so I'm answering them
all at once. Life is great, having lots of fun and seeing miracles.
Some miracles are so small it's stunning, like this morning we were
gonna study a random talk in companion study, so we both searched the
word "dim" in the gospel library and both opened the exact same talk
out of the 200+ results. Others are more like the one for the title.

I spike my hair with gel when it is short, but when it starts to get
too long I have to use more gel to keep it up, which is the biggest
pain, especially when it's almost too long to spike but still too
short to leave down. It's kinda at that point right now, but I didn't
want to use a ton of gel, so I just used the normal amount today and
Elder Bates told me as we were leaving the church this morning "Hey
Elder Brooksby, your mating crest is drooping." And I thought it was

Random Story Time!
We went to stake conference on Sunday and we were on the train back
when I got into a conversation with a couple on the train, which was
cool 'cuz most of the time you can only get one contact in a single
ride, but then they left and at the same station six teenagers got on
and we started talking to them, which got us way stoked 'cuz nobody
ever gets eight contacts in a single train ride. It was actually quite
the humorous conversation 'cuz Elder Bates was talking but he kept
running out of topics of conversation, so I started feeding him some
lines to keep it from getting awkward, but after a couple he said
"Hey, don't worry. I got this!" And he didn't have it, so I gave him
another line and he said "Shut up, Elder Brooksby!" And used the line.
Then Elder Kennedy got into it, but he was just trying to add to the
crazy, making him ask them who their favorite Dragonball Z character
was or if he could become a Saiyan, at which point Elder Kennedy and I
were dying of laughter and he said "I hate you guys...". Then we
arrived at our station and caught an entire baseball team and Elder
Bates had a high-five contest with one of them until their hands
turned red. It was epic and we got 18 contacts in under 30 minutes,
which was legendary, then proceeded to walk around for five hours and
only talk to one more person right at the end of the day. Still, a
great day.

We saved an old lady from a rat that ran into her store. We weren't
worried so much about the merchandise as we were about the old lady, I
just didn't want her to have a heart attack! But she survived and
loves us now, which is cool.

Loves to you all!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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