Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Epic of Okonomiyaki

Trey Brooksby

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The four elders against the Okonomiyaki challenge!!!
Heyo Kazoku!
Lots of stuff going on here! Today was awesome and crazy jam-packed, so I am e-mailing a little late today.
First off, I didn't get a lot of questions this week, but I shall answer those!
And we're done! You guys need to work harder :P
Luckily I have lots of stories this week, so I can make up for it :)
I hit my 3 month mark last Wednesday and the 100th day mark this Friday! Its some exiting stufts!
We attended seminary this Thursday on the recommendation of one of the missionaries from our ward. It was at 6:00 in the morning and I think there was only two people who stayed awake for the entire thing, and I wasn't one of them! Luckily we were back to the apartment in time to study, so we got everything in.
On Friday we had a district meeting in Machida, the area next to ours, and for some weird reason we decided to ride our bikes to it, which took 40 minutes. After that we walked to TJI Fridays and ate American food, which was weird, then we rode back to Sagamihara, but in the opposite direction from our apartment to the bottom of our area, then we rode around trying to visit less actives, then back to Machida station to pick up an investigator for sports night, then rode to sports night, did sports there, then rode back to the station, then back to our apartment.
Overall, we rode for over 6 hours that day, a lot of it over hills and in between cars. I'm pretty sure I witnessed about 100+ miracles, the majority of them of me avoiding cars and poles and dips and gutters and people and stuffs!
So every Sunday members give us food in a little box by the front door of the church, but sometimes (actually, most times) they forget we have to take it all back with us the way we came to church, either by walking or biking. Because of that occasionally we end up riding or walking home with me having 2 big watermelons in my backpack and my companion having 2 grocery bags in each hand. Don't get the wrong message, we LOVE the food, but I for sure wouldn't mind an easier way to transport it haha
Random Story Time!
Related to the title, Okonomiyaki, in case you don't know what it is, is like a fish and cabbage pancake with seaweed flakes and occasionally noodles. Anyways, today we went to an Okonomiyaki restaurant that is owned by a member in another area. I had never had this style of Okonomiyaki before, but Elder Gallacher told me it was really good. So we head into this shop and they start showing me a picture book that has numbers ranging from 2-6 next to the people in the book, which they explain to me is the amount of layers of noodles those people ate in their Okonomiyaki and if you ate a 4 layer one you made it onto the wall of fame. My companion said he wanted to try it even though he had only ever eaten a 2 layer, and I was looking at the pictures and they didn't look too big, so I ordered a 3, just to try it.
Later that day after we had spent 1.5 hours in that restaurant my companion had to take a rest stop at every ekki (train station) from there to Yokohama, throwing up and otherwise (I felt fine) and he has since told me it was the dumbest thing he has done on his mission.
Yokohama is awesome! There are 9 story malls and a ton of different buildings (I didn't count those) and the Pokemon Center which we visited, as well as the cup of noodle museum which was closed and a foreign mall full of foreign stufts which is way cool.
I am way tired and I will talk to all of you later!
Younger Elder Brooksby

I also got a sweet wallet with a coin purse on the inside. I may have also gotten some B-Day presents while we were out ;)
my bike and my "Pokemon Shrine" as my companion

calls it

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