Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have returned to AMERICA!!!

Trey Brooksby

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At least, we played football with Americans.
Konichiwa, Kazoku!
Fun stufts and transfers, but that can wait 'till after questions!
What has been harder to do than I thought it would be?
Understanding church. I figured "Hey, missionary vocabulary will make it easy for church!" so not true. I can only understand it if I really pay attention and if I have some kind of material to read that they are talking about.
What did I think would be harder than it actually was?
Housing. I thought housing would be a pain and not at all effective, but it has actually helped us dendo a lot more than I thought at first.
What would I want to bring back to America in large amounts?
Ingredients for Japanese food! The ingredients are so much better here in regards to Asian foodstufts(not really surprising)
What US only things do I miss the most?
My hair is the only thing I miss about America. Maybe my old clothes as well, but mainly my hair..
Can you update us on investigators/spiritual stuffts?
We currently have 2 investigators whom I have previously mentioned. I'm not really one to say a ton of spiritual stuff in letters and such, but if I think of any, I'll be sure to send them your way!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!TRANSFER INFORMATION!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. I stay in Sagamihara!
2. Elder Bradshaw transfers to Hibarigaoka
3. My new companion is native to Japan!
4. Sagamihara goes 4-man
5. We all live in the same apartment
6. One of the new elders is district leader
7. He also happens to be training
8. The names of the Elders are: Elder Hoshino(My companion), Elder Petersen(District Leader & Trainer), Elder Mak(Just from the MTC)
Random story time!
So all the new missionaries introduced themselves at church and I was the only one who didn't have to talk hahaha anyways, Elder Mak is the type of missionary to try and speak to everyone, even when he has no idea what he is saying, so he started off by saying that Japanese was evil from the pulpit, then he told some youth that his sensei taught the MTC, and other fun stuff newbies do. But what my favorite part was was that after he talked to someone, he would always come back to his trainer and ask "How was my interaction with them? Did it seem natural?" and he speaks in a really american-sounding type of Japanese, so it is very entertaining to see
Sorry its a short story this week but things weren't really "Organized" this week, so not a ton happened but slowly returning things to order and fun shtufts like that.
So now I am the area senior and I have no idea how to speak Japanese and I have a horrible memory, so it is basically like they are whitewashing the entire area haha
Younger Elder Brooksby

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