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My desk is messed up

Trey Brooksby

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but everywhere else is clean, I promise! :)
Heyo to my family!
So It helps a ton to have people to ask questions :) I'll just go through them in the way I wrote them down, ne?
First Area:
I haven't been many other areas yet haha but its been way fun here. We're not in the middle of the city, but not like, farmlands either. kinda in the middle with appartments and houses with gardens. Our ward is pretty cool with a couple english speakers and some native americans as well, which is nice for me :P Only downside is that our ward mission leader is inactive, but we are working on that haha
People taught in the first week:
We had a skype lesson with a recent convert who spoke English on my first Wednesday. that was the only lesson the first week. In fact, we didn't teach any lessons to non-members at all until this Wednesday, as well as Thursday and Friday with a new investigator we got last Friday (he's set to be baptized on the 28th). It wasn't for lack of trying either, its just that most of the lessons would fall through or they wouldn't pick up the phone or they just plain dropped us. We have actually been dropped by 3 different people since last week -.- but its all good cuz we are setting up an awesome fireside thingy that will change the entire mission, if not Japan!
Only Japanese or eigo too?
We speak English most of the time except at train stations or outside of the apartment traveling.
We bike everywhere! My legs are killing me... we also run in the mornings and stretch, but the biking is making me appreciate P-Day so much more haha
Do I know Sister Anderson:
Yeah I for sure talked to her cuz we were a very sociable group. The real trick is remembering which one she is haha could you send me a picture or ask her who her MTC comp was maybe? That would probably do it... or if she could list off the people in her district and where she sat in her classroom haha
Random Story Time!!!
So my companion has learned to trust(or be less hesitant to trust) me in regards to fire or boiling water.
The fire was something I had learned at scout camp to do with lighters. We have lighters in our desks cuz we have *erasable pens*(awesome, right?) and heat from lighters removes it really fast. So anyways, I start explaining to him how at scout camp when we had lighters we would hold the lighter in one hand, make an almost fist with the other but leave it a little open for the lighter end, fill our fist with gas, then spark it and make a fireball. I also explained to him it didn't hurt because it would burn so quickly but he didn't trust me, so I did it first to show him. He freaked out a bit when he finally did it, but then we did it for about 10 more minutes haha
With the boiling water it was kinda the same thing but for bug bites and boiling rags. He didn't trust me on that either but eventually the itching got to him enough that he said he would try it, so we boiled a rag and stuck it on his hand with some tongs. I asked him afterwards if he would do it again and he said "for sure" :)
anyways, TTYAL!
Younger Elder Brooksby

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