Thursday, July 24, 2014

Awkwardness is just Satan hitting the pause button.

That's what I told my companion. Then I taught him that we have the
other remote! It's only awkward if you make it awkward!

Heyo everybody!

We taught our Christian investigator again this week and it was pretty
bad, actually. He just talked for two hours and we just kinda sat
there and waited for an opening that never came. We're planning on
being bolder next time!

Weekly Questions!

How am I doing on my mission? How am I? What happened? Everything ok?
How was my week? How am I doing?
Wow, that was asked quite a bit! True, though, three of them were from
the same person. Sorry about that! I forgot to send that email when we
got WiFi! Don't kill me, please! But yeah, I'm doing great. Lots of
the same shtufts happens every week, but that's okay, right? Because
it's all good and great shtufts, so why not? I am enjoying myself
quite a bit here, although I've been thinking more about life and
shtufts recently and it's annoying 'cuz I've figured out that sarcasm
and cynicism can't get you through life by themselves, ne? Mainly
because Japanese people don't understand that here, but other than
that, it's been good!

How is the weather?
It's been raining off-and-on for the past two weeks and humid hot the
other days, but it's not too bad. It's better than Utah weather, at
the very least!

If I could be any kind of animal what would I be and why?
I would be a dragon 'cuz dragons are sick.

What animal would I say matches my personality best?
A crow. A Japanese crow. They are a bit different than regular 'cuz
they sound all epic, like they do in movies and shtufts, but they are
uber-stealth black birds of death that you only know are there if they
want you to. They also get to disregard the normal concepts of
gravity, which is pretty cool.

If I were to choose one for my companion, what animal would I choose
for him to be?
A gerbil 'cuz he has curly brown hair and he used to be chubby. And
no, I'm not being mean, I asked him about it!

Who is in my district and are they fun?
Mmm the Kamakura elders and the Hodogaya peeps. The only one of them
that I feel like mentioning is Elder Busteed. He is a straight up
hippy. It's great.

What is my plan for saving the world this week? (I dunno if the person
who asked this will even get to read this, but I might as well answer
Preach the gospel. Teach the good word. The method of that will be the
same as every day, probably. Study in the morning, walk to the massive
park 15 minutes from the station, walk around that for an hour and a
half, walk through the station to the driving school and beyond for
about an hour, then turn around, come back to the station and hand out
some fliers for English Class for about an hour, maybe street for a
bit more, then head home and eat and sleep, then do the same thing
every day with the exception of English Class, Game Night, weekly
planning and church.

What was the last movie I watched before I left for the mission?
I dunno... I was trying to remember that the other day, but I honestly
can't remember...

Do I remember when I was ordained (a priest)? Where and who was there?
Yeah I do! It was at the church in the bishop's office with all my
family and it was very crowded! It was great.

What do I think is the best way to teach something to someone?
Examples and analogies, but in the event that that doesn't work or you
can't give an example and you can't think of an analogy, if you can
listen to their thoughts on whatever it is, then link your
thought-process to theirs and show them your thoughts, that works
excellently. If you dunno how to do that, teach them a true principal
and let them govern themselves, at least as far as it only affects

Have I thought about my companions and which color code they are?
Actually, no! I haven't thought of that... I dunno what Elder Bates
would be... a white-blue mix, prolly. I just think that everyone is
spirit sons and daughters of our loving Heavenly Father, and therefore
we are all awesome, ne? I meant that to sound kinda funny cliché but
now I read it again and it doesn't really have the feeling I was going
for... ah well...

The other day we were eating and I took a bit of my rice and Elder
Kennedy said "I'm sorry Elder Brooksby, but the was the smallest bite
I have ever seen anyone take out of anything in my entire life!" And I
hadn't swallowed it, so I counted the grains of rice in my mouth.
There were nine. I was surprised.

Random Story Time!
Elder Otsuka volunteered us to work at an old folks home every week
and we went for the first time this week, which was pretty fun. We
sang songs about bunnies and shtufts and I didn't do the actions
because I was trying to grab my camera, but I did sing the "Little
Bunny FuFu" with Sister Blake, which was pretty fun! Then they gave us
all postcards of bunnies. It was slightly strange, but hey, love is
great, right?

My favorite member wasn't at church this week 'cuz they were sick...
It kinda bummed me out... But I hear they are doing better, which is
great! That was actually kinda a cool story 'cuz on Sunday I was all
chillin' and feeling sorry for myself 'cuz I didn't have anyone to
talk to, but then I thought "Hey, what would Jesus do? He would prolly
pray for them." and at the time I didn't know they were sick, but when
I prayed I said "Help them to become healthy." without meaning to and
I was thinking "Huh, I guess they are sick!" afterwards, and it ended
up that they really were! Cool bit of revelation-prayer miracle there!

Love you alls!
Younger Elder Brooksby
Ps. Sorry I didn't write a Book of Brooksby chapter this week. The
reason for that is that I felt like someone needs a specific one, but
they can't get it until they ask. No idea what that means, but I'm
assuming the person with the hard thing or question will be able to
help me out here!

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